Unit testing in Magento 2

Magento 2 comes pre-installed with PHPUnit, an automated testing framework for PHP. It is included as one of the dependencies in Magento 2. Covering the basics of PHPUnit is out of the scope of this tutorial, after a short introduction we are going to focus on the practical example of using PHPUnit with Magento 2. For those who are interested in PHPUnit basics, I would recommend reading documentation or tutorials on the web since it is a very well documented topic.

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Taking control over module upgrade process

Every Magento developer has at least once encountered situation where long lasting module upgrade script caused issue for end customers. Or even worse, fail over and over, due to being executed multiple times.

Of course, there is a very simple solution for this. And since we have encountered many sites which do not use this approach, I have decided to share it with you.

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Magento functional testing with casper.js

Testing can be boring and time consuming task. So why don’t we use some tools and make our lives easier? In Magento there are numerous “boring” tasks that need to be done after the first install and then again when you test a new functionality. For example, create a test account, add product to cart, go trough checkout process, add product to wishlist, compare etc.

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Product Stock Alerts (not) working

Recently one of our clients had contacted us and said that ProductAlert functionality doesn’t work any more. After I investigated the situation I saw that last email regarding to Stock Alerts was sent several months ago. In the meantime we’ve upgraded the site to Magento EE and at first I thought that maybe during the upgrade something went wrong. Other thought was that maybe client has modified Transactional Email Template… After reviewing log files I couldn’t find anything related to those emails. System did send other emails though.

During the investigation I saw on forums that other developers have similar issue that weren’t resolved yet. After tracing and looking what might have gone wrong we’ve found… 

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Extension license for local project. Yes, no?

If you’re working for a client for a while there is a high probability that you got request to implement some commercial extension. Or perhaps you’re store owner and you bought specific extension but you now want to test it firstly locally, before you deploy it on your live site.

In this short post I’ll give you an idea of what you can do to “make it work” locally in case when you have valid license for the extension and extension doesn’t work on your local project. If you’re interested on what you can do in situation like this one, keep reading.

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Enhanced export – collection to a file

Don’t let this tittle mislead you. This post is beginners guide that will explain how Magento’s method getCsvFile() works. We’ll explain some properties and advice you with some tips how to use some of the properties.

Probably you’re familiar with the error: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate Y bytes)…”. You’ll probably experience it if you don’t care about performance/memory limit sooner or later. If you want to know how to additionally avoid that error message, keep reading.

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Tracing Magento from “Export CSV” to “Save File – OK” button

First of all, this post is beginners guide about tracing in Magento. I’ve created 2 parts. First one is about how to find important parts in Magento core app – I decided to explain exporting collections to CSV (this requirement you’ll need on almost every project) and in second part we’ll go through Magento getCsvFile() method and explain some properties there. This first one is basic and I’ll lead you through steps “how to trace” steps from exporting to download process in Magento. If you’re already familiar with steps that we’ll do feel free to skip this post and jump to Part 2.
If you’re relatively new to Magento and you are not so familiar how grid containers works in Magento and where is placed Export to: CSV Export button keep reading.

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Solving problems with Category tree database information


Did you ever had a problem where you can not see all available categories in “Categories” tab while editing a product? Does your Indexer process hangs when updating “Catalog URL rewrites”? At the same time your category tree looks just fine on “Manage Categories” menu and you can see assigned products in each category? This issue can happen for a number of reasons, but it usually happens when you are using some bad script for importing category information from some other 3rd party system (like switching your shop from osCommerce, for example). Well, look no further, here’s the solution.

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