Making FedEx api show shipping estimate

There always comes the time when shopkeeper decides that he want’s to inform his customer of shipping estimate on checkout, so they could know approximately when they will get their goods. And for that, many shops today rely on API-s like ones from USPS or FedEx. Both of which are available for Magento.

In this article I will be showing you how to override FedEx carrier to return shipping estimate for given rates.

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When can you deliver? (FedEx)

As a customer, there are two things prioritizing choices of shipping methods. First one, of course, is shipping price and other is delivery date. Since Magento is already showing us shipping prices on the checkout we don’t need to worry about that.

Magento offers us a lot of different shipping possibilities and each one has its own way of communicating and returning shipping details so there is not one single solution for all of them, but for now, we can show you how to do this for FedEx.

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Sorry, we can’t ship there

Magento offers a fair amount of shipping options out of the box, but we often find ourselves customizing this particular core functionality due to specific needs of our clients.

In this post we will show you how to disallow shipping to specific countries and we will do it on a product level. Let’s get started!

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Custom shipping method in Magento

In this article, I will demonstrate how to write custom shipping in Magento, or to be more precise, two of them: standard shipping and express shipping, which is only available if none of your cart items exceeds specified weight threshold. Lets start by explaining how Magento handles shipping, and what would be needed to achieve our goal.

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Prevent PO Boxes in shipping address field on Checkout


We recently integrated a feature that would prevent users from creating an order with a PO Box in Australia. Since we are already familiar with Australia Post shipping integration (and heavy modifications of it, I might add :)), the first thing that came to mind is to have a look if there’s some API or web interface that can be used to filter out post codes that are linked to PO Boxes. Many high volume addresses and/or PO Boxes in Australia have their own post code, so it looked like an obvious solution. It turns out that it’s not that simple or logical, since there are many edge cases where you can not reliably tell if you should filter the code out or not. There is a guide made by Fontis that shows how to validate the input fields in order to filter out PO Boxes. However, in our case we had some dynamic content loading with Temando shipping method integrated. This guide is intended as a more general solution that is compatible with Checkout page’s dynamic content and third party Shipping methods integration like Temando.

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How to hide shipping method on Magento frontend but leave it on in admin area

For some of you, this might come as a surprise, but Magento does not support “disabling” the shipping method on frontend but leaving it on in admin area. OK, thats not 100% correct since you can do some sort of a “tweak config” that would enable this effect. The thing is that although Magento supports “global/website/store” configs, shipping methods are turned on/off on a global and website level. On store level you can simply edit the title of a shipping method plus few other things, but usually you cannot enable/disable shipping method on a store level.

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