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A new design for Lera Sport crafted to elevate their online presence.

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Release date: January 22, 2024 | Market: Croatia | Industry: Sports merchandise and equipment
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Background Story

Lera Sport is a Croatian merchant that represents, sells, distributes, and services sports equipment. They are an authorized representative in Croatia for several world-famous sports brands, including Fischer, Deuter, Capriolo, Adria, Olympia, Frera, Smith Optics, and many more.

Their business story started with a passion for sports, fitness, and an active lifestyle, driving them to make high quality sports equipment accessible for everyone. With competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer support, Lera Sport supports its customers on a mission of bringing their sports dreams into reality.


During the initial analysis, it became apparent that the previous solution lacked a comprehensive user experience. That realization stems from two critical aspects. Primarily, the client sells high-end products, so their online store needs to match their high quality and prices.

Secondly, the sports equipment market is competitive, and a streamlined user experience is crucial to stay ahead of competitors. Ultimately, addressing these shortcomings not only aligns with the client’s goal of enhancing their online presence but also serves their business objective of maintaining a competitive edge and fostering long-term success in the market.


Regarding the new Lera Sport design, our UX/UI team thoroughly researched the client’s prior solution, local and global competitors. While the local competitor’s overall design, with bright colors and banners everywhere, leaves an overwhelming impression, our goal was to achieve quite the opposite. We decided to choose a clean design similar to that of global competitors. We kept the previous online store’s colors and content but chose to display them differently. For that reason, we played with visuals. As a result, the center of attention now is product and lifestyle photography, which is put together to match the high end-products our client sells.

To improve the user experience, we worked on filtering options. Now, customers can easily search for store products by filtering the search to meet their needs. One thing which we enabled for the client but is not common in our projects is the option to filter sale products within the chosen category. Lera allows customers to filter sale products on every category page, making sure they can see if they can save some money while finding what they are looking for. Also, we decided to simplify the previous service of bindings installment, which is offered on the skis product page and we enabled a notification to immediately pop out if the customer buys the skis and doesn’t select to install the bindings. Notification lets the buyer know about additional option and it remains visible all the way to the checkout.

Implemented Store Locator feature lets customers view physical store locations on the map. We expanded this with the option of checking product availability in stores so customers could find out if what they were looking for was available in their nearest physical store.

Regarding technical SEO, we used our Inchoo SEO toolkit extension, which complies with SEO best practices. As for On-Page SEO, we advised our client to add more content on the category pages and, generally, through blogs, guides, etc. Even though we made sure the site visually appeared rich using photography, creating content through a blog is a powerful traffic channel that should not be forgotten.


If you had the opportunity to read about our SEO health check competition, you know our project teams found an entertaining way to keep their game on. We have an ongoing competition between project teams and their project’s health check scores. Lera Sport is one of the top projects. Among that, our client now has a powerful solution that represents the luxurious products their business sells. This solution not only distinguishes them from local competitors but also positions them alongside global ones. However, we’ll leave market expansion for the next step.  Until then, we are wrapping up this project with a satisfied client, who describes our collaboration as follows:

“Many thanks to Inchoo and their team with whom we started the new web store project. We look forward to new challenges and joint projects.”
Bojan Laginja

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