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Our contribution for HNK Hajduk 113th birthday and our first project using Hyvä frontend framework

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Release date: February 13, 2024 | Market: Croatia | Industry: Apparel
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Before we delve into the excitement of our latest project, let’s take a moment to introduce the storied institution that is HNK Hajduk Split. Founded in 1911 in Prague, Czechia (yes, that’s correct), Hajduk is not just a football club. It’s a symbol of pride, passion, and unwavering loyalty for fans across Croatia and beyond. With a rich history spanning over a century, Hajduk has etched its name into the fabric of football folklore. In 2024, as the club celebrates its 113th birthday, we’re honored to be a part of its journey with the launch of the all-new Hajduk Web Shop.


As we embark on this journey with Hajduk, our goals were clear:


One of the standout aspects of this project is the design refresh, ensuring it remains unique to Hajduk while maintaining consistency with the club’s other channels. We particularly focused on enhancing product personalization options, such as jerseys that allow fans to customize with their own name, preferred number, and even add club sponsor logos. It allowes fans to combine personalized elements with authentic active-season features.

Hajduk Jersey Personalisation
We didn’t forget the heartbeat of the club – its members. We’ve placed a special emphasis on enhancing the customer experience for them showcasing membership prices and exclusive offers. Through meticulous integration with Salesforce APIs, we’ve streamlined the process of connecting Magento Customer accounts with membership data, ensuring a seamless interaction between the club’s digital platform and its loyal supporters.

News do not stop there! From a technical standpoint, this project is a game-changer for Inchoo. Launching our very first Magento 2 online store on the cutting-edge Hyvä frontend theme, we’re breaking new ground in eCommerce innovation. To confirm this, we asked our Frontend developer, Igor Tikvić, to share a few words about his experience working with Hyvä.

Working with the Hyva theme has confirmed to me how frontend development on Magento projects can be significantly simpler, faster, and more enjoyable compared to the existing solution. Hyva has shown us how to introduce new, modern technologies such as Alpine.js and Tailwind into a robust eCommerce platform. In short, I believe that the Hyva theme is the future of frontend development on Magento.

Hajduk Web Shop Search Capabilities

Finally, in addition to the standard tasks related to 301 redirects, Crawling and Indexing strategy, we employed a tool internally developed known as the Inchoo SEO Toolkit. This toolkit enables an advanced technical SEO setup. With this toolkit, store owners can establish additional rules for metadata concerning categories and products. Furthermore, it enhances the capability to target long-tail keywords, incorporates custom pages into the sitemap, and provides additional indexing options. Consequently, these enhancements contribute to increased organic traffic to an online store.


One thing that we take for granted, but it is a big difference to this client is the fact that the website never crashed since launch, although it had a few traffic peaks already. This wasn’t the case before, so stability was definitely achieved.

While we don’t have a policy to post Core Web Vitals scores due to their frequent changes, we are pleased with the passing scores on PageSpeed Insights.


From the first contact to the launch of the web store, cooperation and understanding with the INCHOO team was at an extremely high level. All our conceptual requests were accepted and implemented in a fast and efficient manner. The project itself carried an exceptional emotional stake for both parties, but the entire project was completed at a highly professional level. Customer journey, membership connection and striking visual dimension were the highlights of our story, and INCHOO delivered them all.

Mario Pavičić, eCommerce Manager, HNK Hajduk Split

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