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Using Redis cache backend and session storage in Magento

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Combined with the power of Zend Framework, Magento currently supports many cache backends with file system, APC and Memcached being the most widely used. Every supported cache backend brings it’s …


CouchDB for PHP developers – CRUD

CouchDB for PHP developers – CRUD

Apache CouchDB™ commonly referred to as just CouchDB is an open source NoSQL database that uses JSON for storing data in form of documents, JavaScript as its query language using …


Easily manage LAMP name based virtual hosts


I’ve been developing inside LAMP environment since the day one of my web development adventure. Reason for this is that all of the web development tools like web server, database …


Consuming Magento REST service using Zend_OAuth_Consumer


Ok folks. Until today, trying to cover this area completely, I wrote two articles about Magento oAuth and REST services: Introduction to Magento REST and oAuth How to configure Magento …


Git deployment

Git deployment

This article shows proof of concept for git deployment. It is completely irrelevant where do you host your code as long as you actually do have git repository It is …


(Not only) Magento .gitignore generator


Most of the time developer will add all Magento source files inside the git version control. It is much easier that way to track any change or even deploy the …


Setup automatic per-folder subdomains on your local linux based computer

WARNING: this is a fully linux-based tutorial. I’m pretty sure that this is possible on Micro$oft Windows and OS/X, but unfortunately I’m not using them, neither I know a good …


Magicento – PhpStorm plugin for Magento development

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This post is intended for all Magento developers who use PhpStorm as their IDE. It’s about Magicento – free PhpStorm plugin for Magento developers.


Magento mobile theme – imobile


Magento meets jQuery mobile (ver 1.1.0), before we start please note this is only experiment, use this theme on your own, this is not (yet) production ready. In a nutshell …