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New Croatian version of our website

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Yesterday we launched a new, redesigned version of our Croatian website – The new design follows the’s look and feel with a little twist in the header to …


TWIG with wordpress part2

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Using TWIG plug in we made in part1 of this article It’s highly advised to read part1 first to understand what’s going on. When our TWIG engine autoloader is ready, …


TWIG with WordPress part1

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Making TWIG autoload from WP plugin Maybe someone will say: this is a crazy idea. Why would someone want to do that? Maybe it really is crazy, but I would …


Parsing Amazon affiliate links in WordPress

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Recently my team had problem with Amazon affiliate links on our web site. On the web, we have wordpress installation and inside main content of web page we have some …


Using dynamically created Javascript from WordPress plugin

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There are many different plug-ins available for wordpress. But what when you come in situation that need to develop plugin that have to use dynamically created Javascript in header that …


How to move existing WordPress site to another server

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Some experienced developers would say: “Piece of cake , I can do it for about 15 minutes!” But, is it really so easy and trivial task? It’s not so heavy, …


WordPress for Android

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There I was yesterday, sitting at the caffe bar, waiting for friends to arrive. Newspaper news were boring since the topics were all about standard politics. During these times I …


Our New Design is Nominated for CSS Design Awards

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Hi Everyone, After all the work we have done to get our new website up and running, we are now trying to get the attention of the design community and …


New Design

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Hi Everyone. Since I started working at Inchoo – in fact since my interview, Tomislav (our CEO) has been talking about the revamping of In Brazil we have a …


WordPress 3.1 new features rundown

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Writers, developers rejoice for some new features like Internal linking, Front-end Admin Bar and some pretty good advancements on taxonomy queries and post templates. Hit the button, read the rundown.

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    Wordpress with E-Commerce?

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    Wholesale Boutique

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