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As Steve Jobs showed us the long anticipated tablet yesterday, internet (as expected) went super-crazy about it. There has been so much coverage that at some point 8 out of 10 trending topics on Twitter were iPad related. I believe everything worth saying about this device has already been written and there’s not much point in me repeating it, so I’ll just link to some good resources and explain them.

I composed a list of some really nice articles about Apple’s iPad published so far:

5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress (WebProNews)

WebProNews’ Jeremy Muncy lists five reasons of his disappointment with iPad. The reasons are (in order of appearance): the name, no multitasking, no camera, huge ridiculous adapters, same touch keyboard with a bonus one: no flash.

Video: The iPad In Action (TechCrunch)

MG Siegler of TechCrunch shows us a video (not one of these videos on Apple’s official site) of iPad in action. This 2:14 in length YouTube video called “iPad hands on” is pretty useful in seeing how iPad truly works.

Steve Wozniak Talks iPad (Video) (TechCrunch)

Another TechCrunch article, written by Robin Wauters features a video of Steve Wozniak (Apple’s co-founder) talking about iPad. Steve talks about what we can expect in future (hint: magazine subscriptions and similar features).

Building iPad Applications with Flash (Adobe’s Blog)

Although Apple stated iPad doesn’t support flash, Adobe wrote this great blog posts reminding developers of possibility of developing Flash apps for this platform. Adobe says:

While we put the finishing touches on the Packager for iPhone, we have invited a few developers and designers to join a closed pre-release program. As they are testing it and giving us feedback, they also have been able to use it to build some applications that they have submitted to the iTunes App Store.

Apple iPad: A Comprehensive Guide (Mashable)

Ben Parr created a comprehensive guide about iPad at Mashable that includes the overview, the specifications, interface, web, emails and maps, connectivity, e-books and publishing features, TV movies and video, gaming, productivity and iWork, pricing, availability, competitors, what the iPad lacks and list of recommended additional reading. The closing statement is really interesting:

The point is this: It’s a first generation device, and it’s not going to include a lot of the things we want. With that said, make sure you know the drawbacks before buying.

9 Upcoming Tablet Alternatives to the Apple iPad (Mashable)

The title of the post says it all, it’s a list and explanation of 9 alternatives (I hate when this word is used in plural -.-) to the new Apple iPad. Including: HP Slate, Dell Streak, Asus Eee Tablet, Compal Tablet, Notion Ink Adam, MSI, Quanta, ICD Vega and Google and HTC but not including the JooJoo (ex. CrunchPad).

Editorial: Engadget on the Apple iPad (Engadget)

Nilay Patel wrote a really extensive article about iPad at Engadget. The articles includes the opinion of a lot of Engadget’s staff members including the people who have been actually using the device. Important quotes:

I know that I’ll find a reason to drop $500 (at least) on this thing — but for the vast majority of consumers, I think the case for the iPad has yet to be made.

As a portable gaming platform, the iPhone represented a sea change in quality; at first blush, the iPad carries no such distinction.

This is simply Cupertino’s answer to the smartbook executed with typical Apple spit and polish, and whether anyone really needs the world’s slickest smartbook remains to be seen.

My initial impulse is always, I have to have that. But then reality sets in: do I really need a third device?

I’m not going to form an opinion until I actually read with the iPad, but it looks like the best alternative to an actual book I’ve ever seen.

Touché, Mr. Jobs, but it’s also easy to argue that a $399 netbook can do a number of things better than the $499 Apple iPad — like multitask, play Flash video and make a video call.

Why the iPad Will Crush Netbooks and Ebook Readers (Gizmodo)

A nice analysis of current state of the industry and prediction of how and why will Apple’s iPad crush netbooks and ebook readers. It talks about iPads targeted audience in a really smart and logical way.

Two ways to win Apple’s iPad using your Twitter account:

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