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  1. This is great, I figure there is a way todo this in mySQL but I found this, looks great.

    I have imported a bunch of users, and need to marker them as imported so that I can tell the different between imported users and new users.

    This is perfect! thanks

    Thanks !

  2. What if you want to update user metadata just once?
    I mean, I need to execute this action one time only.
    Where do I have to call this function ?
    Thanks !

  3. Hi Branko:

    Thanks for the post. I’m also migrating users from a custom built system to BuddyPress, so this will come in handy. A couple of things you might have added to make the post more useful:

    – how to allow users to update their metadata.
    – how to retrieve and display the metadata.

    Thanks again,
    – AAA

  4. Oi Branko,

    I have a similar social network side project going. I initially was going to use ning but since they’re shutting down most of the developer access I started looking into alternatives, including modifying wordpress.

    I’m going with the combo wordpress mu+buddypress+bbpress. It’s amazing how those have evolved in the last six months and how powerful combining these 3 is. It really is wordpress on steroids.

    Might want to check them out.

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