Meet our team at ad:tech London!

Meet our team at ad:tech London

ad:tech in London is an event for all marketers and advertisers on the lookout for self-development, business growth, upskilling, and having a great time in the company of thousands of enthusiastic industry peers. Co-located with eCommerce Expo and two other events, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the best and establish new contacts.

We will be there too – more specifically Maja, Vanja, and Dražen! To meet us and see how we can help your business, find us at our stand and come to our talk about data-driven decision making. You can also order your FREE tickets for the event! Read on to get all the details!

Meet with us at our Expo stand!

Look for our stand and find out all about the latest trends in digital marketing. The difference between other PPC management agencies and Inchoo is that we are primarily eCommerce specialists.

We have years of experience in building successful eCommerce solutions across countries and industries. This is why our eyes are always set on the most important KPIs for our clients. And if you’re facing technical challenges – we can help with that too!

Here are a few examples with links to case studies describing what kind of work we are doing for our clients:

When you visit our exhibition stand, you will enjoy a lovely talk with the members of our team. We have a good combination of eCommerce consulting and business development people prepared to answer all your eCommerce and digital marketing questions. Here’s who you will meet at the event:

Maja is our Sales Manager who helps merchants find the best ways to engage our team’s knowledge and skills to their advantage.

Dražen is our eCommerce Consultant and Data Analyst, somewhat of an Analytics and GTM savant. He also goes by “Tomato Whisperer”. Why? You should ask him to share that story at our stand.

Vanja is our eCommerce Consultant and Digital Marketing Team Leader. He’s helped numerous clients increase their sales and he and his team can do the same for your business. He is also a speaker at this year’s event.

Where to find us?

You can schedule a meeting with us before the conference or come join us at our stand – the number is #V010.

Take a look at the exhibition floorplan below.

Exhibition Floorplan - ad:tech

Come to Vanja’s talk about data-driven decision making!

The program of this event reflects the key trends and changes across the advertising and marketing technology landscape. Our eCommerce Consultant and Digital Marketing Team Leader Vanja Bunjevac will share some of the results we were able to achieve for our clients using the latest technologies available. And, more importantly, he is going to share the story of how we did it.

It is widely agreed that digital marketing has triumphed over traditional advertising channels, especially in the areas of data gathering and measurement. Today, with the increasing evolution of machine learning, we are again at the brink of a revolution. How much can the latest technology help in online sales? How can you start applying it today?

Find the answers to these questions at the Media & Advertising Theatre on Wednesday, September 25th at 10:15. Vanja will share his insights during the presentation called Data-driven decision making: Embracing technology for triple-digit growth.

eCommerce Awards!

As an integral part of the event, organizers will host the award ceremony for eCommerce Awards 2019. We are very proud to share that our client Zee & Co, a UK independent fashion retailer, is the finalist in three categories. Those are: Best Fashion eCommerce, Best Mobile eCommerce and Best Use of a Multichannel.

We are so excited about this, and you can read the behind-the-scenes story here!

See you at #ADTECHLDN!

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