Meet Magento Belarus features an Inchooer talking Magento 2 Checkout

Meet Magento Belarus features an Inchooer talking Magento 2 Checkout

They say December is the month of surprises and even though we (and our clients) love the Christmas shopping spree (which may not be a surprise at all), excitement can be found even in September – if we’re talking Meet Magentos and we are.

First of the many upcoming community organized Meet Magentos is Meet Magento Belarus where our Mladen Ristić is one of the speakers.

MM Belarus is organized by Amasty and, if the previous version is to be trusted, we can expect top agenda and amazing speakers to deliver it. We are proud that, once again, one of the Inchooers has the opportunity to contribute to knowledge sharing.

Mladen Ristić, a frontend developer from our team Echo is travelling to Minsk to say something (a lot!) about Magento 2 Checkout. Here he shared some of the basics.

For starters, Mladen, what do you do and what’s your favourite part of everyday work?

Mladen: Well, the role of a frontend developer means the implementation of the clients vision into a functional web shop user interface. That also means that there needs to be a certain dose of trust between a developer and a client. When a client gives me the “green light” to implement something based on my intuition, I know they trust me and that they believe my judgement.

How did you end up applying for Minsk?

Mladen: To cut long story short – I love travelling. During the last year, I’ve been to a number of different countries (one of them with Inchoo to Meet Magento Switzerland) and I couldn’t wait to travel more. I’ve never been to Belarus and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity.

(Also, during this interview, Mladen might have told us something about visiting some old friends – seems like networking worked its way across the kilometers!)

What can Minsk expect – what will be your topic?

Mladen: I will be talking about Magento 2 Checkout and what to expect from it – all from a frontend perspective.

When I originally chose the name of my topic, I just wanted to emphasize the fact that I’ll be talking more to frontend developers. Later on, I realized it is complicated to define what is frontend and what is backend scope of work when it comes to checkout. At this point, I can say that I’ll cover how you render checkout with JavaScript Knockout and RequireJS. Backend would mean how you can connect all of that to, for example, show data about a certain buyer from the base.

Basically, I will cover which technologies every frontend developer has to master to successfully tailor checkout according to his clients needs.

What do you expect from Minsk?

Mladen: Given the fact that this is the first time I’ll be a lecturer, this will be a huge experience for me. I am positive it will benefit my longterm development (both professional and private). Also, I expect to meet new people and an awesome atmosphere. Oh, good food and drinks, too. 🙂

If you had to summarize your topic in only one sentence, which would it be?

Mladen: Magento 2 Checkout is a new and complex concept which will serve as a building block for the future phases of development for Magento as a platform (and us developers will fight hard to master it).

If you want to know more about Magento 2 Checkout, you’ve found your guy. Tell us what you expect to find out – we’ll compare the notes later on. 🙂 Minsk and Mladen are expecting you at Meet Magento Belarus!

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