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eCommerce SEO is different than SEO for other types of websites

When I first started in the world of eCommerce SEO almost 6 years ago (my first post at Inchoo will have its 6th birthday later this month) the rules of the game were quite a bit different but even then there were some significant differences between SEO for eCommerce websites and SEO for other types of websites such as corporate websites, local websites, and news sites.

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Ultimate Magento Robots.txt File Examples

Extremely common question when it comes to eCommerce – and for that matter Magento SEO – is how a robots.txt file should look and what should be in it. For the purpose of this article, I decided to take all of our knowledge and experience, some sample robots.txt files from our clients sites and some examples from other industry leading Magento studios to try and figure out an ultimate Magento robots.txt file.

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