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The practical value of Design Thinking

Recently, we got inspired by the Magento team’s Design Thinking presentation held at the Magento Imagine 2016 conference. Unfortunately, we weren’t there but it feels like we might as well have been. Seeing how the Magento team worked on improving the Magento 2.0. interface in the presentation slides struck a chord with us. It affirmed a lot of the methods we were already using and got us thinking even more.

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2015 Overview in Infographics

Take a walk down the memory lane with us and have a look at how 2015 flew by at Inchoo. As our CEO, Tomislav Bilic, put it in his recent article, last year was a big one for Inchoo. There were many incredibly important moments for the company and its growth, and we are proud to present them, a bit differently, here.

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