shop4runners is a company which offers a wide range of products in both their online and brick and mortar shop. They are a small team of running specialists who focus on fashionable running products, maximum service and professional advice.



The online store is built on the older version of Magento, 1.6.2, to be precise. When we originally took over the project, the site had numerous issues that were causing errors or were slowing it down – our team of developers encountered different challenges while working on it. Most important one was the fact that the site isn’t responsive. Among others, we had to filter the files and the code itself due to the changes we wanted to make. Even though we haven’t altered the design (our task was to solve the bugs which were preventing the site from working properly) we offered numerous solutions and saw the results shortly after.


The most important solutions we provided include:

  • alternating the existing theme to make it responsive, both for mobile and tablet
  • creating modifying layered navigation to add new options to the site: single/multiple colour filters, price sliders, wait sliders
  • reorganising the menu
  • cleaning the project from numerous core rewrites and bad practices
  • creating badge for listing


If we’re going to talk about the most important thing, and that’s the numbers, we’ve noticed the following.

  • 227%
    Mobile search
  • 65%
    Desktop search
  • 191%
    Mobile revenue
  • 68%
    Desktop revenue
  • 61%
    Mobile conversion rate
  • 45%
    Desktop conversion rate
  • 70%
    Number of visitors on the mobile site
  • 20%
    Number of visitors on desktop site