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Shell script for converting configurable to grouped products

A couple of weeks ago my colleague Attila Fabrik and I had a really complex but interesting task. We had to develop a shell script that converts configurable products to grouped products. Our Magento catalog was special. It contained mostly configurable products and it seemed that using configurable products was a good idea 4 years ago when the shop was set up but the current business conditions were pushing us to look for other, more flexible options.

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Magento tip: Get a small sized version of a large production database

[Guest post] Sooner or later, while working, every developer needs to deal with uniform tasks that arise every now and then. The majority of our clients usually only need minor changes in their store’s appearance or bug fixing. Working for such clients typically requires a smaller amount of work. With this type of client, the process of ‘overtaking’ the project needs to be as quick as possible.

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