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Best practices in HR management – Inchoo guest lecture

Many managers will agree that managing people might be the most challenging part of their everyday job. There is no secret recipe or clear set of rules to follow if we want to bring the best out of our employees.

It takes time, patience and energy to build a team of productive, proactive and satisfied employees. Some will say that HRM is more of an art than a science and you won’t go a long way by being only book smart.

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Linking practice to theory

People say that practice without theory is empty, and theory without practice is blind. Yet another example of making links between theory and practice was Tomislav’s lecture about developing a successful IT company on a bedrock of blog writing and personal employee branding. It was a real eye-opener to many first-year master’s degree students at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek. In the classroom with almost hundred students and no empty seats, Tomislav talked about key factors and decisions that took Inchoo from a one-man show to a fast-growing company with world-recognized expertise in Magento consulting, design and development.

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