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Create a multi-language store in Magento 2 – Part 2

In the first post from this series, we’ve focused more on theory and technical background behind multi-language Magento2 store. Now, we’ll create Magento2 store with additional French language. First thing is to go to the administration and create a new store view. Before we proceed, please check documentation where is explained a difference between store view, store and website, old but still relevant,

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Create a multi-language store in Magento 2 – Part 1

Many merchants were in a situation where, upon expanding an online business, they needed to provide a localized version of their store, adjusted to local markets and languages. Creating multi-language (localized) store in Magento 2 is very much easy and in every aspect configurable.

The first step in creating a multi-language store is to download and install a language pack for Magento 2. If you need to make an adjustment on a specific language or need to adjust to a specific local situation, then you can easily make all those changes.

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Adding videos to product page in Magento2

Today is even impossible to imagine a good product detail page without product video/s. In Magento 2, adding videos to the product details page is quite easy. The major problem is in most cases with an initial setup. Most of the product videos already exist online, either on or In the first case, it’s the most popular video publishing platform and for we can say it is more or less dedicated to professionals and photo/video enthusiast.

Google, company behind youtube, set few rules regarding sharing and embedding videos to other domains, in our case our online store. They require to have enabled youtube API key if you want to use embedding youtube videos beyond simple grabbing embed code from youtube videos page.

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Magento functional testing with casper.js

Testing can be boring and time consuming task. So why don’t we use some tools and make our lives easier? In Magento there are numerous “boring” tasks that need to be done after the first install and then again when you test a new functionality. For example, create a test account, add product to cart, go trough checkout process, add product to wishlist, compare etc.

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Enhance Magento 404 page

Magento default installation already has a predefined custom 404 page (no-route). But is it enough to help visitor/customer get back on right track!?. Let’s look over a few examples of custom designed 404 pages.,,, – as you can see, it can be funny, creative or you can take advantage of this “case” and try to engage potential customer. Here are a few quick and dirty ideas on how to reuse custom 404 page in Magento and try to serve specific content on it.

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Magento mobile theme – imobile

Magento meets jQuery mobile (ver 1.1.0), before we start please note this is only experiment, use this theme on your own, this is not (yet) production ready. In a nutshell we have “package” under which we place all edited files. For start we use magento iphone theme and then add some “extra stuff”.

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Create simple mobile ready search page

Idea is to create one page which will be ready for mobile devices and serve like mobile app. We will use google ajax search API and jQuery to enhance experience. Also we will have script which will notice visitors how to add shorcut for iOs devices and use search like standalone app.

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