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Here's how customizations and integrations increased results for an automotive website

Release date: January 15, 2016 | Market: Worldwide | Industry: Automotive
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The WheelerShip is your online source for wheels and wheel accessories based in a small place called Glen Cove, in the State of New York. We hit it right off with them, mostly due to the fact we cherish the same values – trustworthiness, quality and assisting our customers. They incorporate all of that into their business with sole purpose of creating a simple and pleasant shopping experience.

By working on The WheelerShip, we helped create an amazing eCommerce story: we’ve been building a single online destination for all the wheels you’ll need. Having everything you can think of regarding wheels, from OEM aluminium wheels, to wheel cleaners, used tires, centre caps and tire pressure monitoring systems, saves both time and effort for the end user.


What makes this project so special?

First of all, we needed to create separate websites for our client’s retail and wholesale customers, taking care of all the distinctive features and business workflows.

We also worked on integrating various third-party services with Magento:



Due to the fact that the last site didn’t have eCommerce tracking enabled, we can’t measure the difference in sales.

But, what we can measure is the following:

Average Session Duration
Visit this page and download our Automotive Aftermarket eCommerce Success Guide to get started.

We are grateful to have found Inchoo. From our first conversation, Inchoo was eager to help solve our problem and have always been extremely responsive.​ They began by taking a genuine interest in understanding​ my business, procedures, goals and challenges. From there they outlined a detailed plan for success. During our project they proved their expertise in web development, SEO, and ​e​-commerce. They will fearlessly take on challenging problems ​and always strive for the right solution, not just the easy fix. Their knowledge and experience is ​unequaled.

— Joseph Cannova, President, The WheelerShip

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