Magento Christmas Songs

Magento Christmas Songs

Hey everyone! In this joyful time of year we bring you some of the popular winter and Christmas songs and carols, with a twist – Magento style (don’t worry, no Gangnam of any kind involved) – so check these out!

Each song links out to one of its counterparts on YouTube, so feel free to join us in a sing-along.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, software platforms or development companies is purely coincidental and could easily be traced back to your own overexposure to Magento development projects.

Let us know what other Magento themed Christmas songs you’d like to hear and we can try to put some tunes to those as well.

You can share these and add some of your own with your friends as we’ve started the unofficial #MagentoChristmas hashtag on Twitter

Also make sure to check out the old Magento blockbusters article published last year – you may find some movie ideas for the holidays.

And of course – Merry Christmas everyone!


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  1. Hi Aron, thank you for the list. White Christmas is also one of my most favorite song for X-Mas :)

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