The Inchooers – Dear Santa…

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Hrvoje Jurisic

Team Leader, Frontend Developer, Designer / Illustrator

Hrvoje is Certified Frontend Magento Developer and creator of Inchooers, your favorite comic.

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  1. Oh, no! He did that again :(

    Bad Santa!

  2. Kamil

    Ho Ho Ho ! Good one :)

  3. @Santa

    New improved Eclipse maybe?

  4. I will agree with whomever’s letter to Santa that was on all 3 wish list items!

  5. Merry Christmas too! Inchooers!

  6. Thank you Rikku. :) Hope that in 2011 you will link to original articles when you translate them from this site…


  7. All right, all right! I got it.
    I have to have a cup of coffee?and fix my mind — you made me nervous!

  8. m4t

    Nice shot, I completely subscribe your letter, especially Prototype change!!!

    Please Santa….. ;)

  9. sabuj

    I like your “Fun & Events”. But i do not get update many month. Why?

  10. Magneto 2!
    Official Documentation:

    Prototype is being replaced with jQuery! WHOO!!! -

    Still got the eav tables, though. Sorry.

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