Profile is a Middle East daily deal website, offering a simple proposition – amazing deals every day that are available for only 24 hours, or until the product sells out (whichever comes first). won the award for Best 2012 eCommerce site in Kuwait.


The client approached us looking for a solution partner that will provide top notch results to take their business to a whole new level – revamp of their existing daily deal site to the one that will be innovative and always three steps ahead of competition.

From fun and inviting new design, adaptive theme implementation to a flexible and solid deal management, while keeping in mind migration of customers’ information and documents to the new system? Well that was a challenge, but we did it!

Considering that serves customers in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar, the site had to be set up as a multi store with multi lingual and multi currency options. Let’s not forget that for these markets we needed to work with both LTR and RTL layouts.


We improved deal management and optimized categorization that now offers several deals a day, highly focusing on top deal in a way that it invites customers to make a purchase.

  • New adaptive theme with LTR and RTL layouts made from scratch.
  • Architecture that follows Magento best practices, tailored to client’s specific needs
  • 4 different layouts – Desktop/Tablet Landscape, Tablet Portrait, Mobile Landscape, Mobile Portrait
  • Integrated heat maps from customer sales data to provide a bigger picture on purchasing habits


iOS Application

In September 2014, we released the first version of iOS application. The goal was simple – to create natural environment for iOS users to receive notifications about new deals and breeze through the process of exploring and shopping. With the launch of both iPhone and iPad versions you can download for free on iTunes, we are extending Sheeel’s already established identity as an innovative commerce company in the Middle East market.