Ask a developer #2 – What do you do for fun?

This is the second post in our #askadeveloper YouTube video series where we answer the question from the title. We don’t have much fun over here right now but we intend to change that. Although the primary use for the TV in this video is for education, we wanna know which console do you think we should get and why?

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  1. I can see that Magento stuff brings a lot of money to the company, eheheh 🙂

    regarding the console…

    I used the top 3 … so, I will choose the one I had most fun with: Wii !!!

    Wii is the most fun to play, the command is lovely to play Tennis, Bowling, Golf and other with friends!

    PS3 is nice for the BluRay part … Games are not that enthusiast when playing a long with a friend or to.

    XBox has teh same problem as PS3, playing alone is great, but playing in a group is just … like a console :-/

    keep up the good stuff and congrats for the huge Tv 🙂

  2. Certainly familiar with that notion (the jedis needing to teach the padawans) and the cliff bit.

    Makes me want the large screen for the office too, but to show clients what we’ve done as well as for playing games (for inspiration)… Thanks for showing us the way forward!

  3. Hehe… 🙂

    Books are fine, but the thing is that since there are many of us now in the office, many people go over similar things and each developer is learning and figuring out the same things someone before him already knows. In Magento, those “figuring outs” how some things work is harder than with some other systems. That’s why we plan to have weekly educations where Jedis will teach Padawans.

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