Best practices in HR management – Inchoo guest lecture

Many managers will agree that managing people might be the most challenging part of their everyday job. There is no secret recipe or clear set of rules to follow if we want to bring the best out of our employees.

It takes time, patience and energy to build a team of productive, proactive and satisfied employees. Some will say that HRM is more of an art than a science and you won’t go a long way by being only book smart.

Professors at Faculty of Economics in Osijek usually reach out for help from companies with a strong organizational culture and dedicated management team and ask them to share their experience and best practices with the students.

This time, Aron Stanic, sales manager at Inchoo, was invited to participate as a guest lecturer in a class session devoted to human resource management. At Inchoo, Aron is in charge of recruitment and training of sales staff and also works close with the leaders of development teams. As it is the case with many managers in small companies, in addition to being the leading sales guy, Aron plays many other roles.

In the classroom, Aron shared his hands-on experience in HR activities derived from his professional background and experiences with processes at a multinational company, non-profit organization, business incubator for startups and, most recently, at Inchoo.

The focus was on recruitment process, best candidates’ selection, initial training as well as skills development of Inchoo employees. Students were keen to learn more about challenges and specifics of working in a dynamic and fast-growing industry branch such as e-commerce development. Moreover, they were interested in skills and knowledge they should acquire during their study to become a better job candidates for companies such as Inchoo.

Aron’s lecture was just a cherry on top of successful cooperation between Inchoo and Faculty of Economics in Osijek. In addition to having Tomislav Bilic as a guest speaker on several occasions and Toni Anicic as a judge on students’ business plan competition, this year Inchoo also provided internship opportunities for business students. And we should also not forget the Osijek Software City initiative where Inchoo is heavily involved.

With appreciation and gratitude for all the effort and positive energy coming from wonderful people of Inchoo, I’m looking forward to new exciting things to come.

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