How one intern evolved into an Inchooer

Tweak it. Shape it. Place it. Grab it. (It being the article or it being the knowledge.)

Push the limits. Push the limits again.

And start again.


Now, indeed, is your chance.

What way to sum up 3 years of volunteering experience and projects with a special focus on last four weeks of my life – here’s how a mind grows when nurtured right. A story about me and Inchoo.

I always considered that I’m good at one thing only. There are some people who are amazing chefs, others are more adventurous and can see their life unfolding at the idea or notion of extreme sports. I’m not much of a ‘‘swimming with the sharks’’ kind of girl, but I am certainly the one who can make up or write a story about that.

I’ve been a storyteller all my life. Sometimes a lousier one, sometimes a better one, more often than not that depended on how critical I am towards myself – being aware of possible improvements is what makes the mind grow, I believed. I also believed that is weird since I rarely met people with similar mindsets, and the ones I did were usually thousands of miles away. I started to think the only possible solution is to, literally, move out of the country.

Should I stay or should I go?

I don’t know what has gotten into me when I applied for the internship position at Inchoo. I keep telling myself that was some weird plot twist fate maneuvered me into – at that point I only wanted to leave the country and ended up applying for a position which was bound to ‘‘tie’’ me in it.

Also, I knew nothing about web shops. Unlike many women, I’m not keen on pressing the ‘‘buy button’’ because I’m afraid I’ll turn into inspiration for another sequel of the Shopaholic book series. You can imagine how limited my knowledge was. Nevertheless, Inchoo accepted me setting up the list of expectations along the way, the most important one being that I need to ask questions. Lots of them. What seems to be the first lesson I picked up here is that when you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you, but if you’re determined to learn, no one can stop you.

I guess that’s how my adventure began.

Adventure of wanting to know more

I learned to say ‘‘Yes.’’ to things I’m interested into, and a strong ‘’No.’’ to things I don’t like. I learned to appreciate someone else’s time and apart from someone’s knowledge and expertise, I now greatly appreciate the respect one shows while working with you.

You see, at Inchoo, I learned that it is completely normal and, perhaps, desired, to be slightly ‘‘off’’. It’s okay to be at least a little crazy because the crazy ones are the ones who find a way when there is no path.

And yes, I admit, my internship at Inchoo was supposed to be a short term adventure. I wanted to explore the limits of working in a real company – one month in and I am completely hooked on the atmosphere, the product and the charms of having fun while working so now, I can’t seem to leave. (Yes, I got a full time position as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator; Inchoo and I are off to our next big adventure!)

When I think about Inchoo now, I realize there are some who, just like me, are foolish enough or brave enough to think they can excel at whatever they set their mind and heart to.

Maybe that is the reason why ‘‘WHAT’s’’ are not that hard for me anymore. What to do after college, what job to look for, what people will make you grow, what is the work atmosphere I want to spend my days in? I know the answers. I guess love and passion combined and defeated my hate for mornings, as well as the idea that I will ‘‘have to’’ in order to survive. I no longer have to, I simply want to.

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