The Inchooers – Magento developer’s dream vacation

The third episode of the legendary Inchooers!

This time, we’re featuring our backend developers Tomas Novoselic and Vedran Subotic.

Credits for the idea goes to Tomislav Bilic.

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  1. Tomas’ projects are probably released under the beerware license:

    “Should the user of the product meet the author and consider the software useful, he is encouraged to buy the author a beer ‘in return’ (or, in some variations, drink a beer in the author’s honor).”

  2. @Mukesh,

    Extensive research we performed during the past few months shows that some developers have 34.6% better productivity after drinking one bottle of beer.

    In some cases, however, beer creates a completely opposite effect.

    I’m kidding, we didn’t really do the research, but generally, we don’t drink during the working hours.

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