The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Content Marketing

As e-commerce is continuing to grow at astonishing rates worldwide, the PPC and SEO competition is becoming stronger every day. It is much harder to get a positive ROI out of your advertising today than it was just a few months ago, all thanks to incredible growth in the sector and new software, tools and services that allow people to build professional online stores with relatively humble investments.

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We renewed our Magento Silver Partnership Status

Recent acquisition of Magento rattles the cage of Magento community these days. The news brought some level of unsettlement to the souls of Magento developers. Some of them switched the panic mode on and even wondered whether it is time to leave the ship.

However, when the dust settled, people realize that not so much wil change. Most important fact is that X.Commerce will not be a platform. It is just a concept that wraps different solutions and technologies together. Therefore, Magento will stay is quite similar shape and goals as it is. In the light of these events, we renewed our partnership program because we strongly believe Magento is and will be the primal eCommerce platform in years to come.

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Magento and rel=canonical

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A new comment on my old post that explains how rel=canonical element (tag) works gave me inspiration to write another article about rel=canonical. This time, I’ll try to explain why and where rel=canonical is usually necessary in a Magento store.

I’ll leave technical implementation and decision should you use any of the existing extensions or go for custom implementation to you. I’ll just cover the marketing and SEO perspective on the issue.

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How much do you really blog on your Magento shop?

Does it make sense to use aheadWorks Blog extension over WordPress? To newcomers to this site, this article might be a bit strange and confusing. One would surely ask himself, why would do these guys write about using aheadWorks Blog extension over WordPress in Magento, given that they do WordPress and Magento integrations plus all sort of custom Magento development.

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