Display product’s rating beyond the review page


Reviews are another one of numerous excellent features in Magento. Usage of reviews can increase visitors’ trust in your brand, which, in return boosts your sales by a significant amount.

Sometimes there is a need for showing star ratings outside the products’ review page. That’s what I’ll be addressing with this article.

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Optimize your checkout process to stop losing customers

Checkout line

I often like to compare real world store examples and practices when I work on usability and conversion rate optimization for ecommerce sites. It’s the easiest way to understand why people act the way they do on your site, why they convert or abandon, why they do mistakes, what they don’t understand… When you have all the insights needed it will be easier for you to make assumptions and A/B test cases to start working on your CRO – conversion rate optimization. Read more


Inchoo invites you to OMGcommerce 2014.


Dear visitors, Inchoo would like to invite you to Southeastern Europe’s Biggest Ecommerce Conference – OMGcommerce. Book the date April 25th, 2014 – Kras AUDITORIUM, Zagreb, Croatia and join over 300 internet and retail professionals from Balkan region. Speakers include Marc Wiseler – Enterprise Sales Manager at Magento, Joann Johnstone – Operations Director at Zee&Co (our client), Dejan Oreskovic – Business Development Manager at Mondo.hr (our client), Hrvoje Jurisic – Lead Frontend developer at Inchoo and many others.
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Heartbleed and Magento – how to fix!

Heartbleed Magentp

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability recently discovered in the widely used OpenSSL cryptographic software library. Although OpenSSL is not directly used in Magento, it’s used on many web servers Magento is run on, providing support for secure (!) connections and transmission of sensitive data. In short – if your Magento website is properly configured, it’s very likely that your checkout process utilizes OpenSSL library at some point. Concerned?! You should be…

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Make your Magento store locators local SEO friendly


Online stores often have some real world physical brick and mortar stores where they sell the same products as well. Lots of Magento merchants use different store locator extensions to handle the necessary functionality. Read more


Utilizing Magento notification system


Building your own Magento modules (extensions) can be a tedious task. We always strive to develop everything ‘the Magento way’, which is why we frequently dig into the core to see how Magento’s Core team does things. Once in a while, we stumble upon useful features we think are useful and share them with you. One of such features is Magento’s notification system.
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The shopping experience makes your customers loyal

Online shopping experience - Gamification

We often have a favorite store where we like to buy our products. For instance I like to buy groceries, clothes, and certain electronics like laptops, gadgets and mobile phones in stores I trust and where I’m comfortable buying in. When I need some of those products, I know which stores are best for me and that makes me not to think about other stores at all…
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Meet Magento Spain 2014 – a review by Inchoo

Meet Magento Spain 2014

The first in a row of Meet Magento events in 2014, took place in the beautiful city of Madrid with over 300 attendees from so many countries all over the world. People that attended the event, the educational part, and one of the most beautiful cities I have visited, were the perfect recipe for a good fun.

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More Flexible Approach to Listing Sale Products in Magento


Some clients have a need to show product on sale on homepage, or, sometimes, to filter products on sale in each category individually. In this post i’ll show you two ways of listing products on sale:

  • On CMS page as a list
  • By using a filter in category view

Let’s get to it!
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