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I was playing a bit with that advanced search form in Magento, so i thought it would be nice touch to add it to left or right column of the store.

Since that multiple selects were causing problems and i also had to get rid of breadcrumb, i created block which extends Mage_CatalogSearch_Block_Advanced_Form functionality, added a little javascript  and packed it all to small example module:

Unpack zip file, copy files at its appropriate place following directory structure, refresh cache to rebuild configs, layouts, blocks, and you’re on.


I left few comments in the code, thought someone may find them useful. Also be sure to copy template/sidebarsearch/advanced/sidebar.phtml and layout/sidebarsearch.xml to your current theme and modify them to suit your shop needs, since css is hardcoded in template for example. Regards.

Ivan Weiler

- Technical Educator and Consultant

Ivan is a Technical Educator and Consultant. He gained lots of experience managing some of the most complex Magento projects we had at Inchoo.

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  1. Hello, this extension is working fine.
    I want to show categories list also at layer navigation, please let me know how can i show Category list at Advance search page left sidebar.

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