New Magento Sample Data

Official Magento sample data is a bit old (Magento 1.2) and it takes too much time to install new Magento over them, since installation is updating too many tables at once. Also, there are some tables not present in default CE version, so we thought it would be great idea to update and clean them up a bit.


Magento sample data can be used only on Magento CE >= (PE/EE have their own sample data). Also, do not use sample data on existing stores or existing databases, they can be used only on clean installations and Magento developers mostly use them for learning or presentation purposes.

How to install sample data for Magento:
1. Import the sample data sql file “magento_sample_data_for_1.6.0.0.sql” into empty database
2. Copy sample “media” folder over your Magento existing media folder (merge them)
3. Run Magento installation and use database from step1 as install database

There is Magento wiki page with more detailed instructions:

Official Magento demo site is an example of what you get when install Magento with sample data, maybe they’ll start using our updated ones from now on 😉


Ivan Weiler

- Technical Educator and Consultant

Ivan is a Technical Educator and Consultant. He gained lots of experience managing some of the most complex Magento projects we had at Inchoo.

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  1. @John Dugan

    “Magento sample data can be used only on Magento CE >= (PE/EE have their own sample data).”

  2. Great idea and great work! Thank you!!

    My test Magento seems to get faster than old sample. Does it mean that a load for my server is reduced by your new sample?

  3. Thx alot! If have spent hours on the old sample data and the site always crashed during installation. Using this new 1600 sample data works great! Many thx!

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