Report from Magento Developers Paradise 2012 @ Ibiza

Between 24th and 27th of September, Davor, Dejan and I, the chosen ones, had the chance to attend Magento Developers Paradise Conference.

How was it? In one word: windy 🙂

After we came to Ibiza on September 24th around 7 am, we left our baggage in hotel (check-in was in 2 pm). Then we went to the coast near our hotel and jumped into the sea. In that time weather was sunny and calm. In the same time we met first Magento developers from Germany.

Around 1 pm we checked-in in the hotel and then we rested little bit. Hotel is nice but 15€ per day for a bad internet connection including only 1 MAC address… Anyway, after few hours we went to “Snack Bar”, few hours before Kick-Off and Registration started. At the bar we met lots of interesting Magento developers. Atmosphere was really pleasant and warm. So many Magento developers in one place, from all around the world… Lots of them you can often see on forums, blogs… as community contributors… and everyone was open and ready to speak and share their knowledge. Shortly, Lots of Code & Fun in the Snack Bar 🙂

Kick-off started and everything was ready for the conference.

Just a few words about the conference. It was really interesting and useful. Probably the most awaited presentation was about Magento2, X.commerce and Magento Localization. Unofficial information is that more people from Magento Core team are now involved in building Magento2. Release date for Magento2 isn’t yet officially published but I believe that it will not be released this year. One of the things because I believe Magento2 will be released next year is that Zend Framework 2.0.0 STABLE has been released and Elena Leonova (Magento Product Manager) said on Quora: “Currently Magento 1.x is using Zend Framework 1.x, but we have a plan to migrate to Zend Framework 2 in the nearest future”.

Conference, of course, wasn’t only about Magento2. You could hear lots of useful extensions, best practices and optimization tips.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in organization, presentations and atmosphere. If you couldn’t attend Magento Conference, you’ll be able to find more information about the conference here were presentation materials will be published (video) probably very soon.

About visual aspects of Magento Developers Paradise you can see some photos here:

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Ibiza anyone?


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