Advanced Search sidebar box

Advanced Search sidebar box

I was playing a bit with that advanced search form in Magento, so i thought it would be nice touch to add it to left or right column of the store.

Since that multiple selects were causing problems and i also had to get rid of breadcrumb, i created block which extends Mage_CatalogSearch_Block_Advanced_Form functionality, added a little javascript  and packed it all to small example module:

Unpack zip file, copy files at its appropriate place following directory structure, refresh cache to rebuild configs, layouts, blocks, and you’re on.


I left few comments in the code, thought someone may find them useful. Also be sure to copy template/sidebarsearch/advanced/sidebar.phtml and layout/sidebarsearch.xml to your current theme and modify them to suit your shop needs, since css is hardcoded in template for example. Regards.

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  1. Hello, this extension is working fine.
    I want to show categories list also at layer navigation, please let me know how can i show Category list at Advance search page left sidebar.

  2. Hello
    I would like to add layered navigation on the catalog search result page. If you provide the solution for that,it would be great.

  3. Hello,
    I have been extract this folder in app folder. but “Advance Search” feature not show in frontend side. please let me know, how can implement this extension.

    Rahul Saini

  4. Thank you so much for this box.

    I’ve been trying to remove some irrelevant search fields but I had no luck, and I even tried to change the order at least and I also couldn’t.

    Anyone knows how?

  5. I solved the problem now works in Magento 1.9 thema “rwd”

    I copied these folders:

    and additions to the template active in


    You may verify the correctness?

    Tnx Raffaele

  6. Hi, This advance search is a geat feature of magento.

    it’s work fine in Magento

    but I can’t see the module in Magento 1.9 with the default thema “rwd”

    you can help me, please?

    Tnx for your wonderfull job & blog


  7. Hi, It’s me Anna again. I’m using it on my website and it’s working fine. But i want to add this search to other pages like category listings and other pages. How can i add it to them?

  8. It still working after so may year but not with all attribute can be use like Date from – Date to. The date calendar will not pop up as it does in advance page for search there. Maybe it’s time do some upgrade here????

  9. Hi,
    This advance search is a geat feature of magento.
    Usually in e-com CMS, the search is basically a filteration of products. But my requriement is to have this type advance search as the normal search.
    Can I add more attributes accoding to my requriement which are not there in the attribute of catalog. I want a Custom Search, with fixed values to look for, with drop downs as the search criteria. These dropdowns will be filled by the data, which is already present in the DB.
    As I’m newbie to Magento, can you please help me in this. Thanks.

  10. hiya guys, this is an awesome side bar, i would like to create have it on other pages as well as the home page is this possible,
    also is there a way i have have 2 side bars both with different fields for different searches.

  11. Is it possible to add layered navigation in advanced search result like magento default navigation display in search result page.

  12. dragy
    my “Show All” word suddenly changed after months. I believe its some cache issue. It just takes long time for the translation to be reflected.

  13. I can´t translate the word “Show All” of dropdown menu of the search box. I modified these files app/code/local/Inchoo/SidebarSearch/Block/Advanced/Sidebar.php


    But no success. Any know how?

  14. With regards to changing the sort order of the attributes in the advanced search, just changing:

    ->setOrder(‘main_table.attribute_id’, ‘asc’


    ->setOrder(‘main_table.position’, ‘asc’)

    will not work because “main_table.position” doesn’t actually exist (in version 1.6.2). All you need to do is simply change:

    ->setOrder(‘main_table.attribute_id’ )


    ->setOrder(‘additional_table.position’, ‘asc’)

    This can be found in app\code\core\Mage\CatalogSearch\Model\Advanced.php on line 118

  15. Hi, can anyone please help me get this advanced search module to show up in my header? I want to replace the simple search with this advanced search.

    Ver 1.5.1


  16. I can confirm this works in 1.6 … just make sure you uncomment the ‘default’ block in the sidebarsearch.xml file – this brought me unstuck initally.

  17. Hello, I am running Magento 1.5, I am new to Magento and have only been working for a month now with it. I feel that I’m missing a step here because after importing the code it’s not working.

  18. I have installed the sidebar and I would like to be able to search using Date. I have created a custom attribute that is visible in advance search and each product has a date associated to it. The sidebar however is not showing the calendar pop-up so a date can be entered. Is there a way to fix this so searching by date is possible? Thanks so much.

  19. HI, I am new to Magento.. I would like to know if this can be installed / configured to work with Magento version? where can i download the latest version and any how to steps to configure it? PLEASE ANY HELP.

  20. Hi,

    great post!

    I’m in the process of learning magento, and I’m just wondering is something like this possible like on this page: Filters in the middle of the page sort some other things like brands, price selection .. more detailed search I think.

  21. I still get the following error when one price is entered in the price range fields:
    Undefined index: to in app/code/core/Mage/CatalogSearch/Model/Advanced.php on line 176

    Is there a solution to get this working?


  22. Hi,

    Great piece of code thanks.

    My products have some Custom Options set (size), is it possible we could include these in the advanced search?

    These Custom Options do not show up in the attributes field and am not sure if there is another way to assign these to the advanced search.

  23. how do i add the advanced search sidebar into all my product pages (catalog), not just the homepage?


  24. @ Ups;

    That was my first solutions and did not solve all of it, the solution i gave a few comments earlier was not that good either anyway…

    Solved it an other way now :).. Anyways thanks 😉

  25. Am I missing something? I’m using Magento 1.4. I followed the directions and nothing appears in the sidebar. Do I need to edit another file or something? Love this post if I could get it to work, thanks much.

  26. @ Ups and Sergio, a simple sollution for this bug is to add the following line:

    if (is_array($value) && !isset($value[‘to’])) $value[‘to’] = ”;

    in app/code/coreMage/CatelogSearch/Model/Advanced.php

    before the line:

    if (is_array($value) && (isset($value[‘from’]) || isset($value[‘to’]))){

  27. Same error:
    Undefined index: to in app/code/core/Mage/CatalogSearch/Model/Advanced.php on line 176
    In price range when for example fill only one field.

  28. Small bug when search by price and write in first input any price, to second input leave a blank box, I get an error:
    Undefined index: to in app/code/core/Mage/CatalogSearch/Model/Advanced.php on line 176

  29. Found solution at official forum: Change the file \app\core\mage\catalogsearch\model\advanced.php at around line 47 to setOrder by “position” rather than by “attribute_id”. Then in the attribute settings use the position field as the order you want your fields to appear in.
    Then it uses the position value of attribute.

    Thanks any way for extension)

  30. Is there any way to arrange the position of the attributes, like in layered navigation? I want the price to be at the end..

    Any hint? Thank You.

  31. Looks great, I would love to have this advanced search column only appear on the advanced search results page, while the advanced search link itself still takes me to the normal advanced search window. Ill try and work this out right now

  32. well…..this post is grate… there is just a little problem… if in your search you conffigurated with date it dosent work. i tryed to fix it but nothing…..any answear?

  33. No, not without additional programming ..

    The easiest way would be to configure Magento to use in search all attributes you need and then modify both templates to not display what you don’t need there.

  34. There is “Use in advanced search” option for each attribute, if that’s what you mean. Navigate to Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes, click to edit attribute and you’ll see it.

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