Disabling wishlist functionality

If like many of the Magento store owners you find that some of the built-in features are not useful to you or to your customers you can always disable them via the admin interface buy disabling their respective modules.

Wishlist is not one of them.

To remove all of the traces of the wishlist functionality you need to do the following:

1. Go to the Admin interface (select the appropriate scope) and under System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Whishlist select “No” under the “Enabled” in the General options.

This will remove all of the whishlist links in the magento blocks as well as the whishlist itself.

2. Just to make things perfect you should check the (yourskinname)/template/catalog/product/view/addto.phtml and remove the “pipe” character from that file so that it doesn’t disturb the looks of your site

3. Finally, since you do not need Whishlist anymore it is wise to disable it’s respective module output thru the admin interface (Go to: System -> Configuration ->Advanced->Advanced and set disable “Mage_Whishlist” )

That’s it. Your whish is Magento’s command.


  1. Do you have a tip of how to remove the (# of items) in wishlist in the top.links? I just want wishlist to appear, not the Wishlist (# of items). 🙁

  2. thanks! quick and easy tutorial to get rid of those unnecessary features. will suggest your team for pro work

  3. How about disable product compare? This wish is a little harder to deliver, just when you thought you had it, it crops up somewhere unexpected.

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