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  1. Hi
    The plugin is working fine, but when register user give the username and password in cart page, the url redirecting to login page again, please help me to fix this issue.
    I checked this issues is because of your plugin only.

  2. after I uploaded the files to my magento root, i can’t open the site. it said “Service Temporarily Unavailable”

  3. Hi,
    I want to add social login feature icons within our some custom section instead of using default styling inchoo.

    Example: take 2 social icons facebook and twitter and use them anywhere else according to my design.

  4. Hi Marko:

    I have a problem with the module. Whe use the Facebook Login, the Facebook page is redirecting to the login page again.

    I’m using
    Magento 1.9 CE
    PHP 5.6
    Apache 2.4


    1. Hello Patricio,

      For a quick fix you may navigate to app/code/community/Inchoo/SocialConnect/controllers/FacebookController.php

      Comment the following lines in _connectCallback() method

      if(!$state || $state != Mage::getSingleton(‘core/session’)->getFacebookCsrf()) {

      You may also try the same for Google and Twitter login.

  5. Problem. I have installed this extension, But for me after success it redirects to the login page instead of account page. When i hit refresh then it will show success message and redirects to the account page. Any idea about this? Only in chrome and Opera. Firefox and Internet Explorer are fine. Havent checked Safari yet.

    Here is my Login Page:

  6. I installed the 0.3.5 version in Magento 1.8.0, FaceBook works perfectly, but Google shows this error:

    400. That’s an error.
    Error: redirect_uri_mismatch
    Application: Photocolor
    You can email the developer of this application at:
    The redirect URI in the request: did not match the registered redirect URI.
    Learn more
    Request Details
    access_type = offline
    approval_prompt = auto
    scope = https: //
    response_type code =
    redirect_uri = http: //
    state = d9a074864c47d6dfb05086136c9230bb client_id = 540659431695-8a11i9nf9thumnq7472julj010t6lem7.

    This URI appears in the Magento admin, and I copied and pasted it into the Google project configuration.
    Use the template Grayscale, should make any changes to the installation of this module?

    Thanks for any suggestion


    1. It can be URL mismatch between your site’s actual URL and the redirect URL you set in Google Developer Console. Your actual site’s URL seems to be without ‘www’ but your redirect URI in developer console can be with ‘www’. Or, an absence of slash at the end of the redirect URI also can cause the error.

      Here is a step-by-step answer to edit the redirect URL in Google Developer Console:

  7. Am using this below code for custom buttom and it is working for me
    $cpBlock = $this->getLayout()->getBlockSingleton(‘Inchoo_GoogleConnect_Block_Button’);
    <a class="btn-g btn-default-g google" href="_getButtonUrl(); ?>”> Sign In with Google+

  8. Hello I am having an issue with the installation. I am using a customized template. I copied the files that would typically go into the default community edition folders into the new theme folders, but the extension tabs do not appear in the system settings. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Excellent plugin first of all. Thanks for saving hours/days of efforts. However, after setting up everything correctly social login works fine, however, after redirection to website the user is still not logged in..Any suggestion? I am using a custom theme here..

    1. Hi,
      I’d go with this extension’s successor, extension which is actively developed Inchoo Social Connect. It has all features of Google Connect extension, plus Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter support.

      Good luck!

    2. It is actually the social connect (Inchoo_SocialConnect-0.2.3). I forgot to mention, Facebook works fine. For google, everything is successful except that user is not loggedIn in magneto store ( I guess there could be some OAuth Error but I am not sure). Its just wierd since it successfully verifies the user account and should actually create the same in magento store but don’t know what is wrong. Do you have any suggestion here.

    3. Thanks for the reply. However, still pretty much the same. A successful login on google but no user created in magento. Pretty strange thing. Just to mention, I just did a simple overwrite on the previous version and have not changed anything. Could that be the reason? or is it something different?

    4. So, debugging it further, I synchronised with the default theme (I was using a custom theme before) and I see the following error after redirection : “Unspecified OAuth error occurred.”

    5. Ok, I am sorry for the trouble..but can you suggest something? Only the google login ain’t working with an unexpected oAuth Error. I am not able to figure out the reason.

  10. I have integrated the google connect on my staging server it is working fine there, but when I moved the code to my live server the code is not functioning.
    The live server is on https

  11. hi , the code is working fine ,

    how to make the button appear in login pop page . Kindly give some hints or tips

  12. First off… this plugin is great! However, every time I log in I am re-directed to the Google API authorization page. In our case, it is confirming the user wants to allow access to basic account info and email address. Certainly makes sense that a first time user would see this, but how come I get it every time I log out and then log back in? Thanks!

  13. Hi, is it possible to add the Connect with Google button to the top menu as well (into top links using top.links refrerence or just into header.phtl template)?

    I tried using the gethchildelement tag in header.phtml but with no luck.

    Also I don’t have a link rel to use in the .xml file to add the link to the top links.

    Best regards,

    1. I have done this using

      1. add in inchoo_googleconnect.xml file

      in default tag.

      2. Call in other phtml file (in any other phml file).

      getLayout()->createBlock(‘core/template’)->setTemplate(‘inchoo/googleconnect/login.phtml’)->toHtml(); ?>

      3. Edit login.phtml


      getChildHtml(‘inchoo_googleconnect_login_button’); ?>


      getLayout()->getBlock(‘inchoo_googleconnect_login_button’)->toHtml(); ?>

      May be it will be helpfull.

    1. Hello,
      this shouldn’t be the case. I suggest you try Social Connect Magento extension because it contains all features of Google Social connect + Facebook & Twitter support. It also contains more intelligent after login redirect code amongst other improvements.


  14. Hi,

    I had tried to implement this in Magento 1.5, but it give an error “Invalid attribute name: inchoo_googleconnect_id”.

    Whereas it is working in magento 1.7.

    Please help me to figure it out, Because i have to implement it into Magento 1.5

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. @Adam

      first thing I would usually recommend is using Social Connect Magento extension that has all features of Google Connect + Facebook and Twitter connect if you wish to use it. But in this case I would really advise you to upgrade to latest Magento CE because install script both extensions use isn’t compatible with older Magento versions.


    1. @priti

      Hello, you should double check redirect URI you have used when creating Google Project, as pointed out by the error message you have redirect URI missmatch. Redirect URI should be in the form of:


  15. @Marko

    feeling great having this
    and it would be pleasure if twitter also is included with it.

    🙂 😀

    thanks in advance

  16. @shivam:

    Sorry it’s not that complicated but it requires code changes in many places. You should find qualified Magento developer to do this task for your.


  17. @Marko
    Thanks for the solution to the virtual localhost problem.
    But i would be very glad if i get to know about the places to change the namespaces and get the extension working.
    thanks for the local host problem once again

  18. @Marko
    Actually I have done virtual hosting at localhost. That’s the issue
    and secondly when i try to replace “inchoo” with my module name and “googleconnect” to “google” is shows error

    1. @shivam

      Nothing changes if you have virtual host in your environment, except Google APIs console wouldn’t accept non existent top level domains like “.loc” or “.local” for authorized redirect URI. Just your setup virtual host as “.com”, “.net”, adjust your hosts file accordingly and give that URL to Google APIs console. About changing extension namespace this requires some code modifications and isn’t necessary to get it up and running.

    1. @shivam

      if you refer to creating client ID just use

      Authorized Redirect URI:
      Authorized JavaScript Origin:

      Other than that everything is the same like installing on a live site.

    1. @hotmonitor

      Hi again,
      I’ve taken some time to test with Magento installed inside domain subdirectory and it appears in this case ___SID=U query parameter is added to redirect URI. This makes redirect URI invalid and that’s why you got the URI mismatch error. Also article had a typo inside installation instructions section where I forgot to include trailing slash on redirect URI.
      I’ve adjusted code and installation instructions a few minutes ago, so if you update your Google Connect using latest ZIP package now, and edit your Google client ID settings with redirect URI (notice trailing slash), Inchoo Google Connect will most certainly work fine for you. And thanks for the bug report, I would never caught this one on my own 😉

  19. I would say: “Facebook, Google and Twitter”

    I believe you will then make a lot, and I mean a lot, of people happy!

    Including me 🙂

  20. After try to login have a error
    Error fetching OAuth2 access token, message: ‘redirect_uri_mismatch’ Where is error?

    1. @hotmonitor

      client ID doesn’t match redirect URI Inchoo Google Connect is passing to Google. When creating Google API ID, you must specify as redirect URI, where is your store address. Double check settings on your Google APIs Console. Also you should also double check Magento’s system configuration customers settings section where you enter Client ID and secret.

  21. I suggest you guys to merge it with Facebook Connect and display as per system configuration. Have multi connect in a single module would be great , so…

    1. Hello, not a bad idea actually, thanks! I’ll see what can be done regarding this.

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