Magento learning – developer’s first touch

Magento learning – developer’s first touch ©

Hello everybody! Hello whole Magento community!

Until now i wrote articles most about Symfony2 and some about Android platform. Someone somewhere said: “man has got to do what men has got to do … “ and of course, the time for me to swim in Magento’s waters has came too … 🙂

Since I am the PROUD member of Inchoo’s mobile team, guess what?
From early beginning in Inchoo I am struggling most the time with all different kinds of web services – from custom made REST API to rpc web services. Of course this time with Magento is almost the same, but from now I am deep inside SOAP web service waters ….

On our blog, there are already bunch of Magento’s articles, but I promise that I will do my best to make mine somehow also interesting and usable for you.

Most of my colleagues are deep in Magento’s waters already (lucky for me), while I am going to have a few hard months to ‘override’ beginner’s mistakes and problems while developing on Magento’s platform. But from other perspective – I think it’s good to share my experience in learning Magento with you – at least for visitors that are starting to learn Magento like I did.

Let me give a few tips for early beginners to make this start learning process easier:

  1.  Before installing Magento, prepare your database and install New Magento Sample Data  (thanks to Ivan)
  2.  Install Magento on your localhost (of course) – I am using 1.6.2 community version
  3.  Log in inside admin area and get to know better what Magento can do. You may wish to go to read official Wiki pages and to Google for official ‘Magento user guide’ for that …
  4.  Go to frontend and make some test – shopping to see how it works
  5.  Install xDebug  on your system and make it works with your favorite IDE – trust me – it WILL make your life easier when trying to figure out what is going on with your code …
  6.  If you are care about your code, don’t regret to install phpUnit and from early beginning development – start to write unit tests about what you are doing …
  7. Folow this  article (thanks to Branko)  to set-up your Magento installation for development
  8. Start learning development on Magento

Knowing that learning development on Magento’s platform from scratch can be hard times even for experienced developer I strongly suggest you to go to official Magento’s page and find Magento’s ‘On-Demand: Online Courses that have currently (while I am writing this post) absolutely free ‘Fundamentals of Magento development‘ video courses that WILL help you a lot in learning process.
My suggestion is to see all of those videos first, and then to start with other learning resources. Trust me It’s worth your time ….

Of course don’t forget to go through Alan Storm’s articles...

After all, if you are already reading this article, you are already on our official blog, so take your time and go thorough Inchoo’s articles about Magento development

As I told before, I will mostly write about Magento’s API, so if you are interested in that part of development, stay tuned … 🙂

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  1. I started learning Magento recently and i’m quite impressed by its architecture and the flexibility it gives to allow you to customize your site. I do plan on getting myself certified soon. Are there companies out there that are willing to hire beginner magento programmers?

  2. Thanks for these handy tips, quite practical. I dont have any idea about Magento, but now will follow ur tips and wish me luck

  3. Even I think to get started with Magento development through scratch as a beginner will make little bit ha rd for one to tackle with, instead of that going through some articles or courses related to it will make more sense.

  4. I wants to Learn Magento.. I dont have any idea about Magento..Pls any one suggest me What Magento can do..Where do i start to learn Magento..

  5. Starting to learning magento too, I am very interested in your learning progress with Magento.

    I just applied to the Fundamental Video Training. Thank you for the hint.

    Can’t wait for more information on Magento’s API becaus I intend to write my own modules for Magento.

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