Custom category menu navigation in Magento

Magento has its top menu reserved for category navigation. It’s pretty solid for displaying categories, even when there is a large number of them.

What some of the clients want is a vertical (sidebar) category menu, so they can display sibling categories of a category their customers are exploring.

In this article we’ll cover the creation of a full vertical menu. We’ll go 3 levels deep: category, subcategory, and sub-subcategory. You can always expand on this, but I believe 3 levels are more than enough for most stores.

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Utilizing Magento notification system

Building your own Magento modules (extensions) can be a tedious task. We always strive to develop everything ‘the Magento way’, which is why we frequently dig into the core to see how Magento’s Core team does things. Once in a while, we stumble upon useful features we think are useful and share them with you. One of such features is Magento’s notification system.

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Magento functional testing with casper.js

Testing can be boring and time consuming task. So why don’t we use some tools and make our lives easier? In Magento there are numerous “boring” tasks that need to be done after the first install and then again when you test a new functionality. For example, create a test account, add product to cart, go trough checkout process, add product to wishlist, compare etc.

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Magento 2 and Twig

Recently there has been some buzz around Magento getting support for Twig template engine. Looking at the CHANGELOG.markdown file under the Magento2 GitHub repository for version commit, this seems to be more than just a buzz.

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One of the first Magento Certified Front End Developers in the World

We received a news few days ago that Vanja Devcic and Hrvoje Jurisic achieved the passing score and therefore have achieved the status of Magento Certified Front End Developers. It was a great news for us since they are one of the first in the world.

We were invited late January to participate in a certification beta testing session for Magento Front End Developers. We couldn’t just take the voucher to some testing centre as we normally do. Instead, we needed to go to a place called Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH – Munich.

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Ultimate Magento Robots.txt File Examples

Extremely common question when it comes to eCommerce – and for that matter Magento SEO – is how a robots.txt file should look and what should be in it. For the purpose of this article, I decided to take all of our knowledge and experience, some sample robots.txt files from our clients sites and some examples from other industry leading Magento studios to try and figure out an ultimate Magento robots.txt file.

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