Magicento – PhpStorm plugin for Magento development

Magicento – PhpStorm plugin for Magento development

This post is intended for all Magento developers who use PhpStorm as their IDE. It’s about Magicento – free PhpStorm plugin for Magento developers.
Features in Magicento:

1. Goto

Magicento extends PhpStorm goto functionality in a way that you can now use goto also for factory methods and templates. You can go to destination class from factory method by using middle click (Ctrl+click, Ctrl+B).

Also, at the same way, you can go to any phtml template from layout xml file.

Clicking at any Mage::dispatchEvent call brings you to observer definition for corresponding event.

2. Class recognition for objects

You can use Alt+M (Option+M) to assign class for certain object that is defined through factory method. That is very useful for code completion.

3. Creating modules

Click Alt+M (Option+M) -> Create Module anywhere in a file to save time while creating Magento modules.

More about Magicento features and installation you can find at official Magicento website.
I hope this post will be useful for all Magento developers that use PhpStorm.

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  1. These are truly great ideas in on the topic of blogging. You have touched some nice points here.

    Anyway keep up wrinting.

  2. Funny that magicento turned me on to phpstorm which i now believe to be the best php IDE i ever used.

    Does anyone know if magicento works with phpstorm 6 as well? I don’t want to update before i know it works properly.

  3. There are lot of features include for Magento development like autocomplete for factories, xml files and class names, documentation for xml nodes, evaluation of PHP code inside Magento environment.

  4. Thanks Zvonimir for sharing this.
    How I comment on, the plugin was developed for PHPStorm because is the IDE that I use, I don’t have any special relation with Jetbrains (moreover I’ve paid their IDE like everybody).
    I know this could be a drawback for some people, but I can guarantee you will code much faster with PHPStorm + Magicento, and hence save time and money (if the plugin saves you just 10min/day… do the maths ^_^)

    Please check the videos on to see the full list of features and how to use them.

  5. Oh man, great! Thanks a lot for this Post. I Checked out the Plug-In and it is great. Best choise on the market for now. I have looked a lot for something similar. Just great

    Thanks and greetz

  6. @Snowcore:
    you are right this kind of integration is what makes people love IDE like VStudio.
    I was thinking to write something similar for NetBeans but I would me my first attempt to write an extension for NB an my Java is not so fresh 🙂

  7. Very nice :).
    I was thinking about something like that some month ago.

    … but …
    I’m very disappointed because you develop that for the paid PhpStorm and not for the frees NetBeans or Eclipse 🙁

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