State of Magento Developer Certification 2012

State of Magento Developer Certification 2012

Have you ever wondered how many Magento developers are there in the world? Which countries are the leaders in developer certification? How many went for Developer Plus certificate? We dug up some interesting data for you!

Data gathered on 22nd of August 2012. As of this moment, there are 291 certified Magento developers in the world. Of those 291, 172 are Magento Certified Developers and 119 are Developer Plus.

All of the certified developers are spread across just 35 countries in the world. Click to enlarge the image:

As you can see, USA is a leader in developer certification with 77 of them, followed by Germany with 38, India 22, Ukraine 21, Belarus 15, France 13, UK 12, Netherlands 10, Croatia (Inchoo) 8, Canada and Vietnam 6 and the rest have just a few.

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  1. Dhani, for getting magento certification cleared you need to atleast 1-2 year of coding with magento platform, however this is not requirement by Magento Inc. This my opinion so that you clear it in first attempt. 1-2 year coding will give good in-site of magento working and coding standard because Magento certification question are of real world scenario question which can be dealt with those who are already played with code.

  2. Hi, I m Dhani from India. I would like to get magento certification. I have just passed my Post graduation in MCA degree. I would like to know the details about this exam..

  3. Hi All

    I would like to get magento certification. I have over a decade of experience in PHP however dont have much hands on experience in Magento. I would really appreciate some help in terms of starting point for preparing for the Magento Certification.

  4. Hi
    Is it very hard to get magento certification ?
    I am planning to get certified but have limited knowledge about the code , although i know everything about the admin back end.
    Any one out there who can point me to any free resources to understand magento basic backend architecture and material for certification , any advice appreciated ?
    I know about the folder structures etc but do not know about the listners,helpers etc etc other complicated stuff .

  5. Hey Toni,
    I have already done ‘Magento Certified Developer’ but what do you think as next is it good to be a ‘Magento Certified Developer Plus’?
    As you are directly involved with market, so what you suggest?

    Thanks and ohhh yes congrats Inchoo.


  6. Toni, yes. The listings do not reflect the total number for various reasons. The real number is a multiple of what you can gather from the directory.

    Thanks for the post.


  7. Hey Roy,

    That’s actually the data from Magento’s official developer directory. It excludes those who have decided not to be listed.

  8. Hey guys – for the record, the number of Magento certified developers is a multiple of what’s mentioned here. The program has been a huge success since launching in 2011.

    Hope to see y’all certified 🙂


  9. Hi Luka,

    Not really, but we are a very specific case, since we probably have the most visited website and most sales leads in the industry… but for a smaller company that’s just starting in the industry, I’m sure certification can bring some value and ensure their leads that they are working with capable professionals, especially since there’s not so many certified developers in the world compared to the amount of Magento stores out there.

  10. Very cool Inchoo!

    Would you say that number of certified developers in your company directly affects the number of work/clients that you get? Did you notice some correlation?

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