10 Useful Tips to Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rates – Ninja Edition

Finally, it was about time to release one of my Ninja posts to the public. Who knows, maybe you will find another ninja post from time to time… 😉

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check this post.

OK, now lets continue with e-commerce part of the post. Here you can find some tips and tricks for increasing e-commerce conversion rates

1. Customer’s Safety – let them feel safe!

Invest your time and energy in giving customers signs of protection and safety. Try to use secured socket layer (SSL) encryption or some other specialized services to reassure users of the security of their information. Also, if you use this technologies, make sure that the customers know about it by displaying the logo of the services you use.

2. Specify what you are selling – be simple and clear!

Simple but very important thing is to introduce visitors about what you are selling because visitors are more likely to leave if they can’t understand what your site is all about and what you are selling. Your focus should be apparent in the pictures on your homepage, page titles and tagline, and also in the text on your homepage.

3. State your privacy policy – build trust!

A privacy policy is one of the most important documents on any website. It details your company’s views and procedures on the information collected from visitors. So, one of the essential components of building trust online is treading carefully when it comes to privacy.

Customers are more likely to give their information if they know how the information is going to be used. Reassure them that their privacy is important to you and specify whether you are planning to share or not to share their information with other marketers.

4. Do a spelling check on your site – be a professional!

Making sure that your site has no spelling errors is an important credibility indicator that can give your visitors confidence in your web site. Spelling and grammatical mistakes give the impression of the site as unpolished and unprofessional. Always review your copy for any mistakes, or hire a professional to improve and edit your copy.

5. Buttons and styling – pay attention to details!

The key is to make the buying process as simple and as easy as possible – and ease of use on the Web always translates to dollar. Make your call to buy signals consistent and prominent. Your “buy now” buttons should be prominently placed in your product pages.

Many e-tailers say that bigger “buy buttons” in bold and in a color that stands out can help increase conversion rates. Buy buttons should be placed above the fold to keep it prominent and in view of the customer. Avoid making the user scroll to find your buy buttons.

6. Get a toll free 1-800 number – show that you care!

Really nice to have. For many callers, it will mean that your company is legitimate given the fact that they know they can easily reach the company when they need to talk to a human. Plus, given that the call is free to the customers, they won’t hesitate to call you to inquire about your products and services.

In some cases 1-800 numbers have increased sales by more than 30 percent.

7. Enable Live chat – enhance interaction!

Explore the possibility of using live person chat on your site. Live chat can give you the opportunity to engage a customer during the sales process, whether the customer has questions about your products or they need to be clarified with the ordering process. It is a tool that can allow customers to get to know your business and talk with a real live person in your business and feel that you are responsive to their needs.

Customers are more likely to pull out their credit cards and spend on websites that they know they can easily talk to.

8. Make a sales funnel analysis – study hard!

In order to increase conversion it is first important to know what your clients are doing before you try to influence them into purchases. Sales funnel analysis is important in understanding how you are leading your visitors through your buying process ending in sales. You have to know what visitors do upon landing in your site, looking over your product categories, selecting the products that interest them, putting those products in the shopping cart and eventually completing the purchase by hitting the Place the Order Now button and paying.

The goal is to keep the visitors in your site – and making sure these visitors do what you want them to do – to buy. Also you may find that while visitors are looking at your product categories, they are not putting anything in their shopping carts – is it because you don’t have the products they thought you would have or is it because your pictures are too small or too hazy to help convince visitors that you have great quality products.

9. Use an Upsell Page – show them more!

Upselling is a marketing method used to persuade your customers to spend more money than they had originally intended. It is usually a page added between your normal ordering page and your payment page.

So, instead of chasing new customers, you can always generate extra income from upselling your products. It’s a fact that 30 percent to 67 percent of all people can be up sold at the time of purchase. Make a list of all the different strategies you can use to upsell your clients, then put them into action.

10. Invest in photography – give them a better picture!

People often underestimate the importance of quality photography in their website. Whether you are running a business or just selling your house Photography can be a powerful selling tool, the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is very true. With the advent of digital cameras people are often taking photography into their own hands. The result of this can often have a negative effect.

So, take care that the pictures of your products should be clear, enough big and devoid of any distracting backgrounds. Your shots should be technically excellent, no blurred or out-of-focus shots.

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