3 Top Hated Things About Web Shops

This is the list of collective knowledge of the top web shop annoyances and frustrations that ordinary web surfers and your potential costumers tend to hate about e-commerce web sites.

I talked with many experienced users and researched many different relevant forum topics to create this ultimate list of most often web shop user experience issues.  If your web shop has any of these, you should seriously consider fixing it as you would probably sell much more. Having any of these reflects in symptoms such as high bounce rates, low conversion rates and negative ROIs.

  • Image For Illustration Purposes Only – This is one of the most common issues in the world of e-commerce and users tend to complain about it a lot. If you are not able to provide a valid image of a product (especially in today’s modern age in which you probably have two cameras in each of your pockets) it just shows you don’t care about your costumer experience or, worse, you are trying to hide the actual appearance of the product.
  • Not being able to find delivery costs (shipping costs) – User wants to know how much does he have to pay for a product. The user does not care what’s the price of the product without delivery or without taxes, he wants to know how much money does he have to spend on it in total. Do not hide delivery costs from users.
  • Flashing flash banners, animated store assistants and similar – If you already brought the visitor to your website, you don’t want to scare them away. Remove these big flashing and annoying banners from your website. Remove the virtual shopping assistants as they are not actually assisting. Users often find them disturbing, more then helpful.

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