Featured Products help with Magento’s SEO

When thinking about having featured products on your Magento store, SEO benefit is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind, however, SEO benefit exists.

Since the web is constantly changing, search engines are following as well, and with the dawn of the real time web, SEOs noticed Google started giving some credit to the websites that are regularly updated. As the matter of fact, having a regularly updated homepage is often a solution for many SEO problems websites encounter.

I’ve seen a lot of Magento stores that have a completely static homepage and experience some problems with indexing. You can see them complain at Magento forums every now and then about not being able to make Google index their online store.

I’m not saying that having featured products (regularly updated content on homepage) will fix all of your indexing problems, chances are your problems might be in some other aspect of on-site optimization, however, it’s something that will improve your indexing for sure.

Inchoo has developed a featured products extension for Magento that can be downloaded and used completely free via Magento connect. Feel free to test it and come back with any comments. It has already been downloaded over 1 000 times via Magento Connect.

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  1. Sure will do, it’s just not the point I was trying to make 🙂

    Thanks for pointing out another SEO benefit of featured products.

  2. Don’t forget the fact Toni, that having products on your homepage will also help improve the SEO value of those specific products. Having them on the homepage and accessible through one click puts those specific products at a higher priority compared to other products (or even sub-categories for that matter) that you may have to dig deeper on the site to get to. So if you have very competitively ranked products or SKUs, putting them on your homepage may help in increasing the “juice” that flows to them and thus their potential ranking.

    Glad to see you guys come out with your first extension – good job.

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