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The Budapest Brothers

Doing business is fulfilling in many ways. We know how important it is to find a niche, focus on quality, improve marketing & sales, find talent, have clean and stable finances, be profitable, build a brand, have mission & vision and so on… But, the most beautiful thing about doing business is making friends.

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Bye bye 2015. You were amazing!

Hi. I hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration. Putting festivities aside, beginning of January is the time we all use to analyse the past and plan the future. Looking back on eight years Inchoo is in business, I can happily say that 2015 was an amazing year for us. This might be an understatement. It was the best year ever. Here are the reasons why.

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Introducing new design – a responsive story

Ladies and gentlemen, our dear visitors, fans and followers. With great joy, I would like to introduce you to our new website redesign – Inchoo v4. I hope that this refreshment will keep the spirit of previous sites and provide better user experience for all device types. Yes, this means that the site is now responsive. The purpose will remain intact – to benefit Magento community by sharing knowledge and presenting our services.

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Inchoo invites you to OMGcommerce 2014.

Dear visitors, Inchoo would like to invite you to Southeastern Europe’s Biggest Ecommerce Conference – OMGcommerce. Book the date April 25th, 2014 – Kras AUDITORIUM, Zagreb, Croatia and join over 300 internet and retail professionals from Balkan region. Speakers include Marc Wiseler – Enterprise Sales Manager at Magento, Joann Johnstone – Operations Director at Zee&Co (our client), Dejan Oreskovic – Business Development Manager at (our client), Hrvoje Jurisic – Lead Frontend developer at Inchoo and many others.

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Inchoo Visual Identity Redesign

Inchoo Visual Idenity v3

I can’t believe one year already passed since the time we contacted MIT design studio to help us in visual identity redesign process. I believe some of you noticed a new logo and some changes on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. In this post, I will show you some of the offline materials. However, the story is not complete. We are in the process of redesigning a biggest component – our website.

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One of the first Magento Certified Front End Developers in the World

We received a news few days ago that Vanja Devcic and Hrvoje Jurisic achieved the passing score and therefore have achieved the status of Magento Certified Front End Developers. It was a great news for us since they are one of the first in the world.

We were invited late January to participate in a certification beta testing session for Magento Front End Developers. We couldn’t just take the voucher to some testing centre as we normally do. Instead, we needed to go to a place called Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH – Munich.

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Osijek Software City

Hi folks. I was chatting yesterday with a guy from Slovenia. After a few introduction lines, he was surprised to find out that we are from Croatia – his neighbour country. According to his words, he was reading the website for many months, but never bothered to look where are we from. We are Inchoo, four-and-a-half years old company from Osijek, town with population of 100.000 at North-East of the country. Close to Hungary and Serbia. Besides very eventful history, we are nowadays getting recognised by strong software development community. Due to this reason, in 2012, several software companies started the initiative called Osijek Software City.

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Add a New Reference in Magento

If you already performed some Magento research, you will know that it is built on a fully modular model that gives great scalability and flexibility for your store. While creating a theme, you are provided with many content blocks that you can place in structural blocks. If you are not sure what they are, please read Designer’s Guide to Magento first. Magento provides few structural blocks by default and many content blocks. This article tells what needs to be in place to create new structural block.

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Interview with Darko Goles, first book author at Inchoo

In this interview, we would like to introduce you to Darko Goles, our Magento Certified Developer and first book author at Inchoo. He recently completed writing of “Magento Mobile How-to” book – a practical, easy to follow, complete guide for unleashing the power of Magento Mobile. In the interview Darko speaks about his work on Symfony, switch to Magento and motives to dive into writing.

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Ibiza anyone?

Once again, three Inchooers are impatiently awaiting September 24th when they will start the journey to this years Magento Developers Paradise that will take place in Ibiza, Spain. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow developers and participate in Developers Paradise Hack-a-thon.

This year, Inchoo’s representatives will be Ivan Galamboš who is looking forward for Magento Localization topics, Davor Budmicic, first frontend developer from Inchoo on MDP and Dejan Radic, Magento Certified Developer.

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Packing bags for Imagine

There are only few hours left to pack the bags, drive to Budapest, than over Amsterdam and Portland arrive to the biggest Magento event of the year – Imagine conference in Las Vegas, USA. The conference was sold out months ago, but fortunately the arrival was planned before.

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We renewed our Magento Silver Partnership Status

Recent acquisition of Magento rattles the cage of Magento community these days. The news brought some level of unsettlement to the souls of Magento developers. Some of them switched the panic mode on and even wondered whether it is time to leave the ship.

However, when the dust settled, people realize that not so much wil change. Most important fact is that X.Commerce will not be a platform. It is just a concept that wraps different solutions and technologies together. Therefore, Magento will stay is quite similar shape and goals as it is. In the light of these events, we renewed our partnership program because we strongly believe Magento is and will be the primal eCommerce platform in years to come.

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Meet our city! Meet Osijek!

The city describes itself. We would like to show you an autobiography of our town of Osijek in Croatia that lives by its own rhythm. According to author, here we live in a different, separate time dimension and our own perception of the civilizational happenings within the city. This video is 100% made out of images. There is not a single “live” video shot in it. One of the national most famous studios, Romulic & Stojcic team took over 90,000 photographs during several weeks of filming.

In case you choose to work with us some time, we hope you will come for a visit and enjoy your time here. 🙂

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