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Sort products by sold quantity in Magento


Magento by default comes with a few basic product sorting options such as sorting by product position, name or price. In this article you’ll learn how to sort products by how …


Out of the box Form Validation in Magento

Form Validation in Magento

Magento uses Prototype library to manage form validation. This comes in handy, because all you need to do when writing custom form is to assign a valid class names to …


Adding custom credit card type to your payment method in Magento

Credit Cards

At one point or another, you might want to implement a payment method with credit card types that are not implemented in Magento by default. Please note that in this …


Programmatically (manually) creating simple Magento product


In a development process, you often need some testing data you can use. Magento supplies you with it’s default Sample Data that contains some products. Thing is, they’re not of …


Get the current customer role in Magento


Looking at the old articles on our website that long for a rewrite, I sometimes stumble upon a gem that can be useful. One of those is the piece of …


Reusing Magento poll on any page or any block


On very rare occasions we get to work with polls. Most of our Magento projects end up with polls removed from the layout for one reason or the other – …


Programmatically adding new customers to the Magento store


Us developers love adding things programmatically. Even though you can create a new customer through a signup form, or via admin interface, in some cases, that might take too long. …


Get rewritten product url in a different store


It was pointed out to me in one of the preceding articles that getting a product’s URL in a different store can get pretty complicated if the URL you want …


Show product thumbnail in grids


Editing products and changing their position in categories can be quite a task. This is especially true when you have a large number of products to edit or arrange, and …


Implement rel alternate links in Magento

rel alternate featured image

With the rise of E-commerce, selling goods to customers around the globe became easier than ever before. Internet has no borders, and anyone can ‘walk into your store’ whilst being …


Custom category menu navigation in Magento

A menu and knife and fork cutlery laid on a restaurant table

Magento has its top menu reserved for category navigation. It’s pretty solid for displaying categories, even when there is a large number of them. What some of the clients want …


Magento Solution Specialist Certification

Magento Solution Specialist Certification

bloomua / 123RF Stock Photo

Magento announced its first business-oriented certification program at this year’s Imagine Conference. The Magento Solution Specialist Certification is now available to everyone. What does it entail, who is it for and …


Working with large Magento collections

Working with large Magento collections

Magento collections represent a very convenient way of grouping models together. We can grab a group of models from database with little to none sql code thanks to special methods …


Bestseller products in Magento


Bestseller products is one of the features people tend to ask about and look for when it comes to Magento. Default installation already has bestseller products option included…but these are …


Advanced search in Magento and how to use it in your own way


Magento’s default catalog search can be a powerful tool. It’s versatility is something every customer can appreciate. One of the coolest features of the built-in advanced search is the ability …


Filter order grid by multiple ID’s


We all know how great Magento grids can be – there is no alternative when it comes to displaying data in a efficient manner. Our clients sometimes (almost always) have …


Display product’s rating beyond the review page


Reviews are another one of numerous excellent features in Magento. Usage of reviews can increase visitors’ trust in your brand, which, in return boosts your sales by a significant amount. …


Heartbleed and Magento – how to fix!

Heartbleed Magentp

OpenSSL is used on many web servers Magento is run on, providing support for secure connections and transmission of sensitive data. If your Magento website is properly configured, it’s very likely that your checkout process utilizes OpenSSL library with very dangerous vulnerability caused by Heartbleed bug. Concerned?! You should be…


Utilizing Magento notification system


Building your own Magento modules (extensions) can be a tedious task. We always strive to develop everything ‘the Magento way’, which is why we frequently dig into the core to …