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Heartbleed and Magento – how to fix!

Heartbleed Magentp

OpenSSL is used on many web servers Magento is run on, providing support for secure connections and transmission of sensitive data. If your Magento website is properly configured, it’s very likely that your checkout process utilizes OpenSSL library with very dangerous vulnerability caused by Heartbleed bug. Concerned?! You should be…


Utilizing Magento notification system


Building your own Magento modules (extensions) can be a tedious task. We always strive to develop everything ‘the Magento way’, which is why we frequently dig into the core to …


More Flexible Approach to Listing Sale Products in Magento


Some clients have a need to show product on sale on homepage, or, sometimes, to filter products on sale in each category individually. In this post i’ll show you two …


PCI compliance with Magento a.k.a. how to compile Solr from source

Compile Solr for Magento

Couple of weeks ago one of our enterprise clients was informed by his PCI compliance approved scanning vendor (ASV) that his business didn’t pass quarterly scan due to security vulnerabilities …


Using Redis cache backend and session storage in Magento

Redis Logo

Combined with the power of Zend Framework, Magento currently supports many cache backends with file system, APC and Memcached being the most widely used. Every supported cache backend brings it’s …


Related products, Up-sells, Cross-sells in Magento

Related Products

There are three types of product relations in Magento: Up-sells, Related Products, and Cross-sell Products. This is the description of each type.


Superweek 2014. – “hill, snow, Avinash” and what’s hot in digital analytics world!

Avinash on Social Strategy

Superweek [#spwk] is an annual conference held in northern Hungary (but still close enough to Budapest airport) covering all apsects of (web) analytics – from decision making to real life …


Return Management Authorization by Aheadworks (review)

Return Management Authorization by Aheadworks (review)

In one of my previous posts I have prepared a short walkthrough on how to use the RMA feature that comes with Magento Enterprise Edition. But what if you are using …


What could the new year bring for your ecommerce business?

What could the new year bring for your ecommerce business?

copacool / 123RF Stock Photo

There are a lot of ecommerce and other predictions, expectations and announcements for 2014. It’s a fresh start and opportunity for all of us to try to perform better, so …