Magento’s transactional eMails do-s and don’t-s


Editing and styling Magento’s transactional eMails and eMails in general can be a real headache. There are numerous reasons for that, for example the number of eMail clients available that have their own quirks and the complicated workflow of the testing process. This article will cover some of the general advices and tricks that will, hopefully, help you in development. These aren’t some general rules for the most part, but advices and guidelines that you may or may not use, which I discovered during my work on various projects.

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PHP 7 and Magento – a quick overview


There is “this language” which runs more than 50% of the Internet. Some say over 80, and who knows what is the most accurate data anyway. Given the fact that the language we’re talking about runs WordPress, Drupal, Magento and alike, it’s not hard to believe there’s a major hype around the newest edition.

PHP 7 is here and it’s more than popular – for a reason!

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Free eCommerce SEO consultations by Inchoo at Meet Magento Poland


Clear up your busy schedules and make 19th and 20th of October all about attending Meet Magento Poland which will take place in Concordia Design conference center in Poznan.

We are definitely not going to miss the opportunity to meet all of you and share each other’s experiences and knowledge about eCommerce.

And we have prepared something special for some of you who will be attending.

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Adding static blocks to specific CMS pages with Magento layouts


While working on a project, I had to add a unique static block between header and main content of the CMS page on each CMS page. Element had to be fully customizable via Magento admin panel and it had to be easy to create on new CMS pages, easily modifiable and removable. Since that element needed to be placed outside of the main content, it couldn’t have been added using CMS in Magento admin. It had to be added using Magento layouts. Here’s how I achieved that.

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