Magento Dealer (Dealer Locator) Extension

Few months ago I wrote an article How to: Dealer Locator extension for Magento, which was kind of an abstract overview of how to write the Dealers extension for Magento. After the article I got several feedback’s from people requesting the actual extension. Since I was very limited with time back then I kind of just ignored these requests. Lately however, I was able to spare some time to re-engage with articles on Since most of my articles are full blown extension, why make this one an exception 🙂

Below are several screen shots of the extension functionality, both from administration and front-end area.

Configuration - System - Magento Admin

Configuration - System - Magento Admin 2

Ralph Vann - Manage Customers - Customers - Magento Admin

Ralph Vann - Manage Customers - Customers - Magento Admin 2

Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce 2

You can download the extension here.

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How to: Dealer Locator extension for Magento


  1. Thanks Branko. This is a great extension/tutorial. A few things that might improve it:
    1. State option could be Country/State (or, Country and then State based on the country selected).
    2. State (and maybe country) should be shown in the pop up box when the map pin in clicked.
    3. Option in admin to include email contact on frontend.
    4. Maybe allow admins to select the map/table default.
    5. Maybe remove the submit button and/or just submit the info when users select drop down options.
    6. Postal Code searches seem a bit glitchy for international. It seems to only be searching for zip codes (but I’m not sure).

    Anyway, great work. Thanks.

    PS: Why doesn’t Inchoo post extensions to MagentoConnect at:

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