Internal Server Error 500 in Magento

Internal Server Error 500 in Magento

Many of us who started experimenting with this interface and tried to place various values for Base URL, came to a dead end where Magento breaks.  Usually, we get Internal Server Error 500 with each page load. The problem lies in the fact that we can no longer open the Magento administration to correct the error. What needs to be done in such a scenario?

One of our clients wrote me a message today:

I have put in a bad spot. I changed the base URL to {{base_URL}} and now im getting a 500 server error on both the front end and the admin panel. I have looked through the database and cannot find the right field to change this value back. Can you point me in the right direction?

The client went to System> Configuration> Web> Unsecure and placed an invalid value for Base URL field. Beware of this field. Unfortunately, Magento just updates it without any pre-warnings, but change of this specific value can cause Magento to crash.

Usually, we get an error that looks like this:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The client was on right path to find a solution. We need to open MySQL (usually via php MyAdmin) and find core_config_data table. Once there, manually update 2 rows:

  1. config_id:3 web/unsecure/base_url =>
  2. config_id:4 web/secure/base_url =>

Everything should work now. Hope this will help someone.

If you need any help, we can do a Magento technical audit for your site.

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  1. i have same issue in 2018 in that when i add inline css in html code and when i include image then 500 error occured ,sollution required

  2. I Can’t Login To My O-give Account. I Used An Error Document To Login And It Encountered 500 Internal Server Error And Since Then, I Cannot Login For The Past 7days Now. Please Help Me To Activate My Account.

  3. I Can’t Login To My O-give Account For The Past 5days Now Because I Used An Error Document To Login, It Encountered 500 Internal Server Error. Please Help Me To Remove The Error, ‘cos I Can’t Login.

  4. HTTP ERROR 500
    I got the problem.
    username: admin
    password: admin123

    Magento-CE-2.1.2-2016-10-11-11-20-38.tar (without sample data) version.

    When I am trying in Internet explorer to login into admin it is giving HTTP 500 internal server error;
    But in Mozilla it is show blank page; front end is working fine.
    Still I didn’t find any solution !
    please reply soon.

  5. While setting up Payment method under system>configuration>sales>paymentment method….I got internal sever error 500….could you pls help?//…I contact with my hosting service provider but they are useless….not rectifying anything.

  6. totally sucks,magento! i first thought it was a cookie problem because i cant login into admin. now i constantly got 500 errors,sometimes it is OK but very very slow,sometimes it just give 500 errors. Really fruastrated, mag seems to be a buggy product.

    1. Just delete the temperory file “maintenance.flag” from root directory then your website will works back.

      Hope this will help 🙂

    1. Hello Vipul,
      I have the same exact issue. Front-end working fine but when i login to admin panel it thorough internal server error.Can you guide me how you fix it?

    2. Just delete everything from var/cache and var/session. i had the same problem. but now its resolved.

  7. I have already try your trick, memory_limit, folder permission and many more. But it not working and show Internal Server Error.

    I am so frustrated. Please help me.

  8. Hi Peeps,

    I know this might be a bit late for some, but I thought it best to put my findings down, in case somebody else is having this issue.

    I kept getting this constant 500 error on my 1and1 server and I stumbled on this post and it reminded me of a post I saw on the Mage forum a few years ago, so I searched it out and couldn’t find it (else I would have credited the original author!), but remembered the basics of what to do, had a bit of a poke around and worked it out. Tested it and it works brilliantly!

    NO MORE 500 ERRORS ON 1and1!!

    So here goes:





    Then in your local version comment out all of the locales that you do not require on your system in the $_allowedLocales array.


    protected $_allowedLocales = array(
    ‘af_ZA’ /*Afrikaans (South Africa)*/, …


    protected $_allowedLocales = array(
    // ‘af_ZA’ /*Afrikaans (South Africa)*/, …


    The issue is the 1and1 memory limits and by taking all of the allowed locales that you don’t need out of the equation it runs perfectly!

    I hope that helps somebody!



  9. I am getting the same error for front end only back end(Admin) is working absolutely fine.
    Please help me!!!!

  10. I’m having a somewhat similar problem. I have searched a long long time and now I’m hoping somebody here can help me out. Since last week I have been getting the 500 error page when tryin to add a product to the cart. It doesn’t matter from which location I try to enter the cart-page. It does however gets added to the cart, it’s just that the cart-page won’t show (

    Everything else seems to work on both front- and backend. Does anybody have a solution to this?

  11. Same problem. 500 error out of the blue when the site was loading slowly and I was trying to do some updates – both public and admin went offline.

    Just deleted everything in var/cache and var/sessions and it worked again. So far I really like Magento but that’s pretty sucky – they gotta fix that. Also they need to ensure that products are auto-entered as ‘stock available’ with at least a qty of 1 so that they appear, and get a better process for having featured stocks on the front page.

    But apart from that it seems pretty great.

  12. Hi Phil.

    I can say since I did that, the site is working great (almost one month ago). I am not sure what my hosting provider thinks about it (to use that size memory in a shared server) but until I get the first complain….. 🙂

  13. I had the same problem and I used Raul’s solution and set PHP’s memory limit to 128M. Then I deleted everything in /var/cache and /var/sessions and it seems everything is running normal again. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna fail again at some point but for now it’s working.

  14. Indeed, I made some progress with this.

    It works much better after adding this bit to the end of my .htaccess file

    RLimitMem 128000000 128000000

    I guess it forces the server to use that amount of memory.

    In the other hand I get this error in the server errors log:
    [Mon Oct 04 04:27:32 2010] [error] Must be uid 0 to raise maximum RLimitMEM

    Hope it helpes

  15. Any movement on this issue? I am too getting a error 500 and refresh fixes it… I have checked the permissions and arched the memory.


  16. Anyone find out any more regarding this issue? I’ve scoured the forums and internet looking for a fix. I, too, get the 500 error when trying to log in to the admin panel. Hitting refresh 3 or 4 times will correct it. Everything else that I’ve found with this problem has been referring to file permissions, but I’ve got all the correct permissions on files and folders. This one seems odd b/c of the refresh issue. I’m hosting with 1and1 Host on a Business Package.

    I’ve upped my memory_limit to 256M and confirmed using the phpinfo() function. If anyone has found a solution, I would really appreciate you sharing, and I will be sure to do the same. Thanks.

  17. I think this is more related to the php5.ini file and the .htaccess file rather than a file being corrupted.

    If you look at the posts you will notice all of us have this problem, even in a fresh installation.

    Why I say this is a php5.ini and .htaccess problems is because looking at the servers logs I see that every time the 500 error comes up, something like “php script run out of memory….” appears in it.

    that is all I can say by now

    Hope it helps

  18. I had edited an item in System> Configuration> Web> as I was in the process of adding a new store to my existing installation and wanted to select a diferent cms page, and got the Server Error. I fixed it by doing a server restore on GoDaddy. Now any time I edit anything within System> Configuration> Web> or Design I get the Server Error. When I click save does anyone know which files are being corrupted?

  19. Pressing ‘F5’ has been the band-aid fix for the time being 3x (usually). Can I ask what web hosting people are using on here that are experiencing this internal server error problem?

  20. Hi everyone, sorry I been bit busy these days and that way I could have a look to the Internal server error Issue. I will do as soon as I finish updating one of my sites.

    Although this is not the correct post, if someone is having trouble importing many configurable products, the solution (what worked for me) is create an advance import profile.

    Going back to the Internal Server Error, I am still having this problem but fortunately at the end works by pressing F5 many times

  21. John: Re-install will not help. I’ve installed this software on two seperate domains with two seperate hosting accounts (both 1and1) and the problem persists. I am curious to see what Raul finds with changing the memory settings in what I believe to be the .htaccess file. I’ve done that in the past initially but had no success either.

  22. Actually yesterday I was reading an article somewhere about the configuration of the php5.ini file.

    There is where you specify the memory limit for magento.

    I will play a bit with it and let you know guys what comes up

  23. Yikes, Still dealing without being able to get into admin after a few weeks? I may go the hard road and reinstall or go to an old reliable commerce product. Scary news when I can’t get to the sales I have pending in my cart =( Let me know if you hear anything!

  24. Currently I still have no fix. From what I read over the past several weeks as I off and on still look for a fix, seems to be a webhosting server memory problem when using 1and1 webhosting.

  25. How about when everything is working fine in the front end but when you try to access the back end or admin panel, you get this error sometimes and need to keep pressing F5 or refreshing the page to takr it away?

    I have read about the right with the files and I have tired everything and I still get the error 500 sometimes when I try to access the admin panel.


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