Magento 1.4 great new features

Among a lot of new improvements to Magento introduced with the 1.4 version there are some new features that stand out in terms of content management, system performance and also some user enhancing functionalities.

We all heard about the widgets and content WYSIWYG features added to Magento 1.4 but these improvements add more value to the shopping experience for users and store owners.

Product alerts

This one is my favorite since “Get notified when this product is back in stock” has been on my mind for quite some time as well as with many of the store owners and shoppers obviously and inevitably Varien decided to include it in this release.

In addition to the stock alert there is “price change” alert also and both of these alerts require registration which is great for getting more customers join the party 🙂

Cache Management and Index management

Cache management and Index management are now separated in two pages under “System” page.

– Cache management page now has some new additional functions to work with like “Flush Catalog Images Cache” that will clear the cache of pregenerated product images files and “Flush Javascript/CSS Cache” that will clear the cash when javascript and CSS are combined in one file each.

– Index management itself has been improved in terms of handling and speed. Separating it from cache management definitely gets things more easy for store owners when performing store maintenance.

Improved Javascript merging and new CSS merging

Although these features are in beta they are very stable and add tremendously to the store’s load speed which directly increases user experience especially when combined with cache enabled.

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  1. we have multiple store website in magento ,we just upgraded to version 1.4 , after upgrade there was many issue but i was able to fixed them . Now i am stuck to two them :
    1) i am not able to access cache management from admin side, it says Access Denied
    2) my images are broken on product page you can see

    i have recursively set the permission to 777 for development purpose .

    any help would be appreciated .

  2. The CSS merging works, but it converts all the urls to absolute urls using http, which causes the annoying insecure warning in IE and other problems. Hopefully it will be fixed in 0.2.

  3. @mahdy this depends on whether you’re running on windows or linux.
    For windows you can right click on the ‘js’ folder of your magento install, go to properties, then the security tab. In here you should be able to view and change the file persmissions.
    On linux, use the ‘ls -l’ command to view all the files in your magento install which’ll show you what the current file permissions are. Then use the ‘chmod’ command to change the permissions as necessary.

  4. @loonytoons ; thanks for your detail . but i could not find permissions on your javascript folder ? could you please let me know by directly ?
    the drop-down menus at the top aren’t showing except Dashboard click. i think all of them are locked ? how can i fix it ?
    Thanks so much ,

  5. @loonytoons i did it . i can log in it .Basically the drop-down menus at the top aren’t showing except Dashboard line. and can not click CMC,system menus it seems all of locked please give me advise
    Thank you

  6. @Mahdy if you’ve just upgraded magento you’ll find that a few options in the backend will show up with ‘Access denied’. To solve this (And assuming you are set up as an administrator) you just need to log out and log back in again and it should all work fine.

  7. i just modified as shown picture but my admin panel has problem . can not click system ,CMC,,.etc all have locked ? could anyone help me to this issue ?
    Thank you

  8. Product Alets have definitely been around for a while, and that feature still sucks (can’t use it with configurable items – since can’t select which option is “out of stock”)…

  9. @benz001 My intention while writing this post was to highlight features that make a huge significance to both shoppers and owners with the new version since all listed are now very good in terms of administering and performance. One other thing that I wanted to point out with “new” in the title was to make those features noticed since now they can be used to add a great value to the shopping experience.

  10. Weird, product alerts are definitely in, I’m using them on several sites right now! They’re not very good in this version though, lots of forum posts about problems getting them to work (mainly due to cron setup) and no central point in the admin screens to manage them, you have to drill into each product to see what alerts are on it – you can’t manage them from a customer profile.

    In fact there is no way in the GUI for an admin to unsubscribe a customer! The unsubscribe link in the customer email is the only thing there is.

  11. @Damian I’m looking at the same version you’re refering to and don’t see it 🙂 Anyways it’s there now and is under the “Catalog -> Product alerts”.

  12. Željko:

    “Get notified when this product is back in stock” feature was included on previous versions (I don’t remember on wich one) but I’m pretty sure that has that option (I’m using it).

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