Magento Conflict Checker

Magento Conflict Checker

There are may extensions out there but this one should possibly enlisted before any other. Checking for extension compatibility can be tiresome but this one eases the pain a little bit.

Found the “Extension Conflict” extension while dealing with numerous extensions installed one after another on several projects we had in the past and thought it might help everyone in the same situation.

The extension provides two major features:

  1. List all conflicts with installed extensions
  2. Test the extension before installing

Here’s a screenshot of the admin panel with this tool in action:

Extension Conflict

One extension is already installed and ย the other ( core class: subscriber) is tested before the actual installation. The “Extension Conflict” treats the latter as a “Virtual Module” that can be deleted after testing.

NOTE: At their Magento connect page it says that it’s available only for the CE version but we’ve tested it on the Magento enterprise version and works great.

Link to the extension page.

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  1. does anybody have any good tools/ tricks for checking if somebody has added blocking scripts in an extension. I have one client where google will NOT cashe the site. all internal pages are cashed just not the home. its been going on weeks now and displaying in the serps site down for maintenance. its clearly not. any ideas just checking ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am new in magento.

    I have added two Extension 1st is “Innoexts_StorePricing” And 2md is “OrganicInternet_SimpleConfigurableProducts”
    Both Extension are Conflict with each other.
    so can any one guide me how can i solve this

    Please Please help me.

    I used magento Magento ver.

  3. and how to check if magento extension “Extension Conflict” has a conflict with a nother one?
    it’s a paradox


  4. Your site is great and theres alot of useful Magento information. Word of advise, your articles are to short, i feel like you dont go in depth enough. I understand you are a pro lol, but you cant assume everyone else is.

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