Report from Magento Developers Paradise @ Ibiza

Report from Magento Developers Paradise @ Ibiza

As is mentioned earlier at one of the posts, Tomas, Ivica and me were “the chosen ones” to go to Magento developers paradise conference at Ibiza. So how was it? In one word – incredible. It was paradise in its true meaning.

Some of the members traveled by plane for the very first time so it was interesting to watch their facial expressions during the takeoff. We met lots of great people, including Tsvetan Stoyhev, Thomas Slade from Blue Acorn, Myuselim Myuselimov, Josh from WebShopApps, guys from Magento core team and many others.

Organization of the conference was pretty much flawless. I enjoyed my stay in the hotel, the catamaran ride, organized visit through the old town, clubs, and free drinks everywhere.

The most interesting topics on the conference were Magento 2 and eBay’s acquisition of Magento. In most of the lectures, speakers were referring to what can be expected in Magento 2.

  • Extensive official Magento documentation
  • jQuery instead of Prototype
  • Better model architecture
  • Improved theme fallback system
  • Multiple DB support (Oracle anyone?)
  • …and much more.

They told us that the current under development version of Magento 2 is already 20% faster than latest stable version of Magento. I was personally really impressed with what I heard, cause I never expected this much effort and enthusiasm to improve core things. They really do know community’s problems and they are working on solutions.

Other products including Magento Mobile and MagentoGo were also presented along with some impressive statistics.

To conclude, we’re looking forward to the release of Magento 2, we can feel another eCommerce revolution is on its way 🙂

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  1. Thanks a lot Ivan Weiler. This article really helps me to prepare myself for Magento 2 development. By the way, if you don’t mind could you please share these things in brief # Better model architecture,# Improved theme fall-back system and # much more ……? ( Hope am not bothering you )

    To Inchoo, your blog is is really helpful for me regarding Magento development. And some of them are really a sort of hack book Magento tutorials. To be short is an unofficial detailed Magento cook book. Thanks a ton. Keep rocking 🙂

  2. @Tsvetan – 🙂 So where RU now? @Mallorca or you got back?

    @Thomas Slade – I didn’t get ur card… or I lost it 😀
    Anyway… tomas.novoselic ….add me on Skype or something 😉

  3. @Tomas I think, that you are right. That was my first visit on hack-a-thon event and let say, that can’t compare it. I googled about ‘hack-a-thon’ and found interesting articles. So yes 🙂 4 hours are not enough. My impression came from that to watch how people, that never worked together combine their skills and created “something”.


  4. It was really great. I was happy to meet all of you guys. Too bad it didn’t last much longer.

    @Tsvetan 4 hours? C’mon…Those had nothing to do with hack-a-thon. Or do I miss something?

  5. I was really happy to meet Inchooers. Remember some great moments with Ivan, Tomas and Ivica! I think, that the number of people on MDP 2011 was less than MDP 2010, but it was great! Was really impressed how on Hack-a-thon session people, that never worked together did something for 4 hours.


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