Google says: “Hasta la vista, baby” !

Today, my colleague Ivan Weiler entered the office announcing great news: “Google will stop supporting old browsers”. And we all know what that means, nudge, nudge…
It means that google has oficialy joined the IE6 shut-down campaign that’s been raging all over the net since ever now.

To quote the great Governator:

…and an official mail sent to all google apps admins:

No more internet Explorer 6 for you!

This is a quote from a polite blog post on discontinuing support for old browsers:

The web has evolved in the last ten years, from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications including video and voice. Unfortunately, very old browsers cannot run many of these new features effectively. So to help ensure your business can use the latest, most advanced web apps, we encourage you to update your browsers as soon as possible.

Read the rest of their blog post and join the google wave of heading forward 🙂


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