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Antonija Tadic

Project Manager

Antonija first started as Sales Assistant. Taking a lot of responsibilities on her own, she soon progressed to Sales Manager position. Around her second Inchoo anniversary, Antonija took upon a new role of Project Manager, a role she is very passionate about. She swims like fish in the water while planning, tracking and managing projects whilst taking care of our clients. The PM position is natural to her, as she is the type of person who is making sure that communication is transparent, so both our clients and developers are always well informed in the next steps we are taking on the projects.

Before she joined Inchoo forces, she studied at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and was a Local Committee President at IAESTE Osijek. Nowadays, her passion is empowering and motivating women to never stop chasing their dreams and be successful in every aspect of their life. She was also on the organization committee of the two very successful local events on the theme of woman empowerment.

Antonija enjoys a good cup of coffee and ruling her kitchen kingdom. She always finds time for adventure when it comes to exploring – both the world and new, fantastic cookie recipes. As a true fashionista, Antonija is always dressed at the latest fashion, but wearing it in her own style.

Latest posts by Antonija Tadic

A Developer’s Guide to Communicating With Clients

If you are a developer that does not always feel comfortable to communicate with the clients and all you want to do is just code and more code, then this article is created with you in my mind.

While working with clients on daily basis, monitoring the communication between clients and developers and occasionally assisting developers in complicated dialogues, I have collected a good understanding of what’s the good way to communicate in given situation. And although each situation requires an individual approach, it was possible for me to standardize it a bit and share with you few situations and examples on how I think communication should go. Continue reading

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