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Adrian Bece

Frontend Developer

Adrian is a certified Magento frontend developer. He enjoys working on projects which are both interesting and challenging. He aims to create visually stunning websites while maintaining optimal performance and following the best practices.

He has previously worked with various musicians on designing album covers, promotional material and even created music videos. One of his designs was even hand-picked by the band Black Sabbath as part of the contest and he won their autographed album.

He is passionate about listening music and collecting CDs from a wide range of rock and metal genre. In his free time, he enjoys reading sci-fi novels and Calvin & Hobbes comics. Adrian is also an aspiring air pistol marksman and he is the member of Osijek’s Civil Marksmanship Society which is the oldest sports society in Croatia.

Latest posts by Adrian Bece

Magento PWA Studio: Routing and Root Components

Routing in React is quite complex, and trying to adapt it to work with Magento 2 can be a very challenging task, considering how many URL-related functionalities (like URL rewrites) Magento 2 offers. Luckily, Magento PWA Studio comes with a built-in solution for handling Magento 2 URL-s which is very flexible. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Magento PWA Studio routing and Root Components concept.

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